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Ayodhya may surpass Mecca’s Annual Tourism in 2024 : India Saudi Tourism

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In a recent report, politicians, economy, and tourism experts claim that the ‘Ram Mandir‘ built in Ayodhya will attract new tourism from all over the world. Currently, it is being told by Indian News Agencies that the opening will happen in January 2024. There is a possibility of 5M+ visitors to Ram Mandir (Hindu Temple) like Hindu pilgrims and foreign tourists. Indian and foreign media have predicted that Ram Mandir will be the first among the tourist places to be built in India in 2024, where Ram Mandir will become first in place of India’s identity Taj Mahal. Currently, other tourism in UP (Uttar Pradesh) has been hampered the most, including the special destination Taj Mahal, historical landmarks, national parks, and wildlife sanctuaries, and not the temples and mosques.

How many annual visitors to Mecca and India, Will Ayodhya make a Global tourism record?

Visitors to Mecca are the biggest religious holy place in the world and the tourists who come to Mecca mostly come for religious rituals, hence the number of people coming to Ram Mandir in India will be more than the foreign people because Ram Mandir is the biggest holy place for Indians. Recently the total annual tourism of Saudi Arabia is more than 17M+ and the total expansion of the entire India is around 7M+. However, it is very difficult to break the record of Mecca by Ram Mandir alone but foreign tourism in India can be around 9M+ for different places by 2024. Because recently the Indian Government made a statue of Sardar Balabhbhai but it did not improve most tourism in Gujarat as much as it was made in other parts of India like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh. Well, now it seems that the construction of the Ram temple will increase tourism but it will not make much difference to national or international tourism. However, since Saudi Arabia has increased tourism investments in the last 3 years to reach 30M annual tourism in 2030 like no other country, the Indian government will also have to increase investment in tourism sectors. Just as the countries of the Middle East are spending huge amounts of money in tourism sectors, similarly the Indian government is not spending so much money on any place other than Ram Mandir.

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