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Asia’s Immigrant US Citizenship rose in 2023, top Asian businessmen left Asia : US Citizenship

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Currently, a lot of questions are being raised about other immigrants in the US because of border crossing, illegal visas, and many different types of people who have come to the US, out of which 80% of people get US citizenship after many years. So some of the new data shows that there has been a lot of news for people with other EB-5, O-1, H-3, H1B, and Family-based immigration Employment-based immigration visas in the US. In this way, top US business visa holders are now applying for US citizenship which they can also make some investments and want to become US citizens in the future. Recently, there has been an increase of about 20% in that citizenship from 2022 to 2023. While it is easy for people in the US to marry Military and US girls and boys to get instant US Citizenship, it is not easy for Students, Immigrant Visa, Sponsorship visas, and Business visas. Asian countries became America’s number one Visa Partner and up to 17 million immigrants have come to the US..

Why are top countries businessmen in Europe, China, India, and Africa looking for US Citizenship?

But currently, top investors, businessmen, and best-qualified people from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and China have hindered further investment in the US to live and become citizens in the US. In India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, China, Japan and South Korea, most top business persons are planning to expand their business with the US to get US Citizenship in some months. In 2021, 1.5M people immigrated to the US, in it is now believed that 80% of the people in the US have US Citizenship if they are interested in other interests in Business, Marriage, US Military. Considering that the interests of the US and other foreign people are increasing in Economy, Defense, Development, USD, Forex, regular workers, helpers, and workers, it seems that the interests of foreign people are also increasing in other politics of the US. Due to all this, its governments are now providing citizenship to outsiders in order to increase its population and GDP. However, there are many people who come to the US only for business and education but are refused even to get US Citizenship by the US government offers to become US citizens.

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