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Are Saudi and UAE Control Israeli Economy, amid Israel-Hamas War? : Investing in Israel

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Many countries believe that is why Saudi Arabia, UAE, and other Arab countries are so silent in the Gaza-Israel war. Many countries from Europe and South America have ended all relations with Israel, so the question is why Saudi Arabia, UAE, and other Arab countries are not restricting exports like Israel. Because Israel has banned all exports, energy, and food services in Gaza. So do Arab countries still want to establish relations with Israel, or will Saudi Arabia and UAE ever end relations with Israel or not? – This question has created the biggest dilemma for the Middle East and Israel.

Will Arab countries break their relations with Israel?

It seems that if more than 50 countries boycott Israel or close diplomatic ties, then even after that the Arab countries will want to maintain friendship with Israel. Yes, this is absolutely possible because the Arab country has never imposed a ban on politics, business, and exports with Israel. However, this option is good for Saudi and Israel because, in the current situation, Saudi Arabia and UAE can either trade with Israel or invest billions of dollars in their economy. Because of the war, Israel is suffering daily losses in economy and defense, so if any country can move ahead in such a situation, it is the Arab countries. Because for now, America is only providing defense support and economic support can be provided by only Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Arab countries which have nothing to do with the Israel-Gaza war.

Saudi and Arab countries investing in Israel to control the Israeli Economy.

Within Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, there are also countries that can encourage Saudi investment, but as of now, it is not known who will be the real king of the Israel-Gaza war. If there is any way to stop the IsraelGaza war and Israel wants to build relations with them, then they should first do so with Saudi, UAE, and Arab countries because they know that Saudi Arabia is investing in every sector of the world like may be Global Sports, Global Economy, Global Finance, Global agriculture, Global technology, and futurism. Because on one side there is China, Russia and America, on the other side there is Iran, UAE, and Israel and on the third side there is BRICS. America will maintain friendship with Israel and the way America is helping Israel, think in the same way Arab countries will also invest in Israel’s economy which will improve the relations between Israel and Arabs. But all this can happen only after a two-state solution in which Israel’s army may have to withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza.

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