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Are Israel, Japan, and NATO Special Operations against Houthis in the Red Sea at Risk of World War? : Israel Gaza War

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Recently, Israel, Japan, and the UK are planning to launch a special operation in which they have come to free all their vessels from Houthi. However, there is less possibility of Saudi, UAE, and France being involved in this operation. Currently, Houthi is running against Israel and due to International Vessels in or Red Sea, Japan, Israel, and Britain have openly declared that they are now preparing to conduct a big operation against Houthi. Currently, whatever action Houthis have taken against Israeli vessels is not only against Israel but they are targeting Japanese and British-backed Israeli vessels. So in such a situation what the US wanted was Iran’s entry into the IsraelHamas war which would lead to a very big world war. but the entry of the UK, Japan, and Israel could directly push Iran, China, and Russia into the Israel-Hamas war. Because of Houthi, the Yemen Army will also retaliate to this special operation of Israel, the UK, and Japan. But there is good news for the governments of Saudi, Israel, UAE, and Yemen because they have been failing against Houthi for the last few years, now they can destroy Houthi by joining hands with Israel, Japan, and the UK. But it is very difficult for this to happen because Yemen’s government, Yemen’s army, and Houthis all consider Israel as the same enemy.

Why Japan and the UK will not intervene in the Israel-Hamas war through Yemen?

At present, the government of Yemen will not be able to take action against the Houthis because here, just as the Houthis have been ruling the government of Yemen for the last few years, they can now be pushed back more than the Yemen government. Currently, Houthi is a rebel group that has become much more powerful than Yemen and Hamas and now it seems that if Israel, the UK, and Japan run their operations inside Yemen then it will be very difficult for Iran and their proxy army. Because Japan and Britain participate in this operation against Houthi and Yemen, Japan and Britain will openly pose a threat to Iran and Hamas, and in this way, it will be the entry of a third country into the Israel-Hamas war. In this case, if Japan and Britain together with Israel start any big operation against Yemen then there is a big risk here because then Iran, Russia, China, Hamas, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Yemen Army and etc.

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