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Ambani and Warren Buffet may move business to Dubai, Inheritance tax in India & US : Inheritance Tax

why are American, Indian, and European businessmen looking for UAE or Tax-Free countries to invest in abroad?, Billionaries invsting in UAE Real Estate, Inheritance tax surge in World.


Recently, big businesses in India and within the US have become very serious about inheritance tax. Because what is happening now is that whatever big people own the world’s economy and real estate, the governments around the world are going to impose an Inheritance Tax on them. Even countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are free from all types of taxes. but now governments around the world are imposing different types of taxes on top businessmen, this now proves that in the future the top businesses of the world will be looking to establish their business in the Middle East. For now, the top businessmen feel that in the future governments may impose up to 50% inheritance tax after their death due to which their new generation may face huge losses on stocks and real estate investments. This means that big businessmen feel that if the Inheritance Tax is imposed after their death, their total values ​​in the future may be reduced by even half. What this clearly means is that after your death, your property, companies, stocks, and family value will be transferred to the national government if you want to avoid inheritance tax. you will have the power to transfer your property to any of your family members while you are alive. And if you die suddenly, your estate and companies will be subject to the government’s other inheritance taxes, which could take your entire family’s worth or visible taxes. And if you are the richest man in any country then you will not let anyone in your family name your property in such an easy way because if you have that wealth then you will be able to name your family in the future so that in future the government can take bonds, loans, and businesses taxes on your companies.

why are American, Indian, and European businessmen looking for UAE or Tax-Free countries to invest in abroad?

Actually, many big businessmen have made most of their investments in foreign and tax-free countries. Because they feel that if they do so and after completion of 100 years or death, no government will be able to levy tax on their property within the ownership rights of the companies. We can understand estate duty or death tax in an easy way after your death, the government can run your companies as per your wish or your family should be given the rights of real estate and companies after your death. It is collected from the estate before the distribution to the heirs under the Will or the heirs under intestate succession laws. Because all your assets and everything will be in the sight of the government i.e. whatever debt, loans, and property value you have, that too can be given to your family members along with the final value of your companies based on the government. So such businessmen do not want the government to take strict action regarding their debts, values, stocks, and family portfolio diversity. So now everyone wants to take all their companies, stocks, businesses, and total values ​​to tax-free countries so that in the future after their death all the wealth or taxes does not go to the government.

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