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All eyes on Rafah why Israel may nuke Rafah, Egypt Israel War, IDF soldiers kidnapped? : Rafah news

Israeli Soldiers Kidnapped or the Rafah Invasion will force Netanyahu to a ceasefire or Nuclear War?, Rafah and Palestine, Israel news, israel bombed, Israel Election 2026.


Currently, due to the action taken by Israel on Rafah, the whole world is against Israel and some pro-Israeli are replacing ‘All Eyes on Rafah’ with ‘All Eyes on 7th Oct’ based on what is going on in Rafah and Gaza. No one is paying special attention. But now even inside the US, a big politics is going on towards Israel and Gaza in which some republicans and some democrats are also seen in support of Israel. Everyone is being told that Israel and Hamas have different stances on Israel’s actions in Rafah where on one side the world believes that Israel has bombed innocent people on Rafah. and on the other side, the IDF believes that Hamas kept explosives in the middle of Rafah which was detonated due to Israel’s action. The war between Hamas and Israel is still going on in Northern Gaza and Central Gaza where Israeli forces are facing huge losses. So in such a situation, Israel’s only option for now is to end the Gaza War by 2026 by whatever means possible. But this is not possible because many people have died every day due to Hamas terrorism in Gaza. Whose leadership could be Netanyahu and it would not be as easy for the IDF as the Gaza war. By 2026, by whatever means, Israel will either have to end the Gaza war or it will have to ceasefire because Israel may have elections within 2026. If by 2026 people continue to die like this then Netanyahu may be lost on the throne and jailed, while in Gaza the Israeli army may be able to fire possibly nukes on Hamas areas.

Israeli Soldiers Kidnapped or the Rafah Invasion will force Netanyahu to a ceasefire or Nuclear War?

Many sources believe that Israel can do a nuclear war in Gaza in the future because currently, based on the amount of Israeli army killing innocents in Rafah, it is being said that Netanyahu can also do a big nuclear war. Because the Gaza war has been going on for almost 8 months and Israel has failed to completely eliminate Hamas, which can also be a big threat to the ceasefire in the future. And if Israel carries out similar attacks and operations inside Rafah, it may take about 3 years to eliminate Hamas. On the other hand, border conflicts are also increasing between Egypt and Israel, due to which it is being said that in the future, Israel will have to fight with Egypt also. Because Israel and the IDF believe that Hamas has sent Israeli hostages inside Egypt. And it may also be possible for Israeli hostages to be in Egypt because Hamas’ connection with Egypt has many implications. So, if Israel goes to war with Egypt, Hamas, Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon, and Syria, Israel may be forced to carry out nuclear attacks. So, for now, the Europeans are trying to distance themselves from Israel because the Gaza conflict is very important for the US and the European elections.

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