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African country’s Oil, Gold, Uranium and Cotton are banned from export to France, NATO, and United States

African countries banned all exports of Oil, Gold, Uranium and Cotton to France, UK, Germany and United States, Niger wants to become American & NATO friendly country, Russia & Africa ties, America failed in Africa. Quran burning, Black Countries, Wealth Of Africa, France Banned in Africa. Russia In Africa, Russian in Central Africa.


Most of African countries are looking to make more ties with Russia, China, Belarus, BRICS, and South American countries are looking to ban all exports to European countries to make more investments, exports, and military defense with Russia, China, and non-EU or American countries. Top countries named Senegal, Niger, Burkina Faso, Libya, Mali, South Africa, Uganda, and top others countries have banned the exports of their natural gas, Oil, Petroleum, Uranium, and cotton, especially to France & United States.

Quran Burning in EU, African fighting for rights, Africans lost Wealth, African Country Banned Exports to France & USA.

In recent days in European countries, the most tension is rapidly increasing from Africans are fighting in European countries at the name of the Quran & also about France & EU’s interference in Africa. EU countries are blaming France, UK & Germany for their past operations in African countries, they blame France, USA & UK made a disgusting story about African refugees.

African are told to the national government of the EU, about their lost wealth, and health and making that refugees to leave their countries in fear of Terrorism and capture their place in the economy. The Russian military and Russian aid mostly became wealthy for the African countries instead of France & United States cooperation. The country of Niger Army & Civilians recently made a coup in the country to dismiss their president and ministers of the country.

African countries are banned from all deals, military negotiations, Investments, and relationships with France & EU countries.

All the African countries are banned exports to France and their allies to cancel all the deals, military negotiations, investments, and relationships. In Africa, Millions of Populations are burning the flag of France, the UK, Belgium, the United States, and their allies flag to ban all relationships and transport. The People of Africa are kept forward with Long Live Russia, and down with France. The Niger soldiers, civilians, and wealthy businessmen are going fed up with the presence of the French Army. They want to have the best independent relationship with Russia and to be a long friendship with Russia.

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