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Afghanistan is the world’s richest and Inflation-free country than the US, the Middle East, Europe, and China

Afghanistan GDP surge, Afghanistan become World’s richest and Inflation-free country, Europe and US to import Gold From Afghanistan. Why Afghanistan Economy and Currecy Surge skyrocket in one Year? Afghanistan’s GDP will soar to $5 Trillion USD in 2028.


Recently there has been a report that the highest inflation rate in the world is in Venezuela and Lebanon, but recently it has also been reported that inflation in Afghanistan is decreasing compared to the US, France, UAE, Saudi, Europe, and China. Currently, Afghanistan’s currency is recovering the fastest among the rest of Asia and is becoming expensive, and more and more investment plans are coming to the Taliban from China, the Middle East, and Europe. Because recently the currency of Afghanistan has left behind the currencies of countries like India and Pakistan. However, there is no need to divide between the US and the Taliban, but if the party that comes in the US elections in 2024. it will build military and economic ties with the Taliban and Afghanistan so that the Taliban will have more friendship with the US than with China and Russia.

Why Afghanistan Economy and Currecy Surge skyrocket in one Year? Afghanistan’s GDP will soar to $5 Trillion USD in 2028.

Recently I have come to know that Taliban leaders have spread to countries like Europe and the Middle East and are not taking much part in the war between Israel and Hamas in order to maintain good relations with them. However, Afghanistan also exports a large amount of Cotton textiles, Rayon, Acetate fibers, Cement, Sugar, Vegetable oil, Furniture, Soap, Shoes, and Woolen textiles, but for now, Afghanistan exports the most Gold. Now, with the peace that has come in Afghanistan after the departure of the US and Ashraf Ghani, no country could have imagined that even the Taliban would be able to make Afghanistan the top exporting country in the world. By the way, the way the Taliban is paying attention to its gold mining, soldiers, and economy, perhaps even Pakistan would not be paying the same attention. In the coming few years, if Afghanistan becomes like Dubai, Qatar, and Saudi, one day Afghanistan will become the biggest gold and richest country in the world. However, perhaps no other Islamic country in the Islamic world exports essential commodities as much as Afghanistan does.

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