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Afghanistan and Japan’s trading, economic, and Defense relations soar amid Taliban Takeover : Afghanistan News

Why are Japan, the US, and Indo-Pacific countries investing in Afghanistan? US Accept Taliban’s Afghanistan in 2025, top countries to begin new ties with Taliban. Taliban Takeover, Afghanistan Japan Relation, Afghanistan expand ties with Japan, EU, China and Russia.


Currently, after Taliban occupation of Afghanistan, Japan, China, and top-developed countries also want to restore their Trade, Economic, Defense, and Financial relations with Afghanistan. It seems that in the future the top leaders of the Taliban can visit Japan, China, and Indo-Pacific countries because in the future apart from America, Europe, Russia, China, and Japan also want to maintain a relationship with Afghanistan. They have been working together in Afghanistan and Japan for many years, such as diplomatic, financial, aid and many other types of support were given which was officially due to Democracy and the USRussian army’s war in Afghanistan. But now after the major political and Taliban takeover inside Afghanistan, all the countries want to advance their relations with Afghanistan. So recently, a lot of interest has arisen in diplomatic, financial, and economic relations between Afghanistan and Japan. So currently, due to Japan and Afghanistan’s economy and trade relations, Precious Stones, Integrated Circuits, Fruits, and Nuts have been imported to Japan and can happen in the future with Japan and Afghanistan with the current government of Afghanistan.

Why are Japan, the US, and Indo-Pacific countries investing in Afghanistan?

After the successful takeover of the Taliban, the US got the biggest blow from one side in Asia but now the US and Afghanistan can also run their trade together in the future. So if Indo-Pacific, India, China, and Pakistan can improve their relations with Afghanistan then they can work on a new corridor in the future in which there can be a new strategy with Pakistan, India, China, and Japan. Therefore, it is very difficult for Japan to maintain relations with China as well as with Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India, but in the future, China and Iran together advance their trade relations in Afghanistan with Japan and pro-US countries. But Afghanistan and Japan will be able to expand their relations together only when the Taliban’s relations with the US and Europe become strong again. If we forget whatever happened between the Taliban and the US, then now the Taliban will have to maintain its relations with neighborhood and strongest economic partners. Now if there is rapprochement and new recognition with Japan and Afghanistan then in the future China, Iran, the European Union, India, and the US can also accept the rule of the Taliban.

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