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A women who took ‘Frooti’ & Appy Fizz from $35 Million USD to an $1 Billion USD Brand in world : Business ideas 2025

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Nadia Chouhan is world’s top businesswomen in California & India, she born in California and brought their company to mumbai as their popular country to make new brand’s sucess journey in less year or making a new Girls & Boys choices, All about Drinking Juice, Appy Fizz and all the kind of Juices quality from bottles, Fruit, Mixed Juice, Energy juices and real juices spiking the sells in country or abroad.

This is a first strategy of mangoflavoured, Appleflavoured, Appyflavoured juices are speaking their prices and quality of Frooti & Appy Fizz are rapidly growing in the Indian Markets. New real Juices of Frooti-flavoured are approaches Children, Boys, Dinners, Tourism, Dating & other sites to pay for premium quality juices with Cheap Price which can be affordable for everyone.

Most Popular Frooti company has Joint Managing Director of Parle Agro who own Frooti, Appy, LMN, Hippo and Bailley or new upcoming Juice brands in the Indian Market & American market to increase the Real Juice, Appy-flavoured, Mango-flavoured juices demand in Asia & Europe.

Two Indian origin sisters named Nadia Chouhan and Schauna Chauhan who establized the Frooti Company with the partnerships with Parle Agro to spread the Quality of Juices and Mango & Appyflavoured around the world. its been a Strategic story of two sister, how a 17-year old girl with a new ideas of vision made a grand disruption in the India & Abroad beverage market.

There are top Sweet Shops, Cafe, Food shops & Food Corners, Hotels, Grocery shops & Supermarkets are earns best profit from this new ideas and tasty juice of Frooti, Appy & other top Parle Agro backed Juice flavoures in the world. Fruiti & Appy-flavoured Juices are top cheapest products for the expensive thoughts to attract your party, family & Children.

Nadia & Schauna has a made a new business family of Chauhans with new genes, drew passionate, enjoying the party. Chouhans are earnings millions of USD profit from their Ideas & Investments of Parle Agro. Most number of Fruit Juices are cheap with Starting from some cents of pays, top products are too expensive thoughts in the official shops of Parle Agro & Chauhan’s store. The Nadia’s Frooti manufacturing under her greatgrandfather who founded the Parle Group in year 1929.

Top South, Bollywood & Some Hollywood Movies Actors are promoting The Business of Frooti, Appy, LMN, Hippo and Bailley with TV ads, YouTube Ads, Social media ads platforms to earn millions of customers annually.

Nadia’s Child-Appy fizz has a instant success from the old Strategic with new ideas of Juice Categories, Juice Manufacturing, refreshing fizzy apple drinks. Nadia’s investments in Fizz & Appy was approximately under the $35 Million USD and now its worth above of $1 Billion USD in 2023. In the 2025, Parle Agro going to become next top Juice, Beverage, Grocery shops & supermarkets choice to adopt the global market of Juice Category.

Parle Agro becoming world’s top investments, stock & Shares with top businessmen to spread the business across the world with new generation of Juice and Appy flavours. Nadia & Schauna Chouhans are challenging the world’s top male business ideas & male-dominated business of world.

In the 2030, Nadia & Chouhan family going to become world’s top businesswomen in the world. The wealth of Chouhan’s family are increasing rapidly in the India & abroad of world because of Nadia & Schauna new ideas on the Juice & Drinking flavoured.

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