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A Bangladeshi economist and social entrepreneur made own banks for small Loans at women & poors : Father of Microfinance

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Muhammad Yunus is a Bangladeshi economist, Sports, Health & social entrepreneur who deserves the global Microfinance industry managership with banks, governments & economies or even interests in UNESCO, SportsInternational Olympic Committee & other top Social Businesses country-wise. Muhammad Yunus is called the Father of Finance in the EU, Asia & North American countries. They have a lot of future plans for Financial, Sports, opportunities, company profitable thoughts to increase the global economy of central governments & multinational companies.

Muhammad Yunus made own pioneered the concept of microfinance on his own Grameen banks in Bangladesh & Global for the poors to provide loans, finance, insurance & other new opprotunities to increase the demand of banks. Grameen Bank is the first bank which made by ideas & attract of founder not supported by Governments & any top business providers.

Grameen Bank of Yunus is a biggest chance to get jobs, loans, financial needs to particularly to women, who were traditionally excluded from formal banking systems. Muhammad Yunus’s bank, employees & Founder believe the Poorest Individuals have a lof of potential to boost the Grameen Bank into abroad from their ways of investing, small loans, Bank account opens, Microcredit to expand the small businesses & generate a huge income from their allowed individuals to start a journey with small number of investments of founder’s in Banking sectors.

Grameen Bank is providing various utility, low interest rates, special offers for poor individuals, credit cards, loans on property, loan on home, loan on gold with best lowest rates of interest. Bangladeshi poor families of areas can access the all banking service without any requirement of investing anything in this bank without requiring amount to open account.

There are in the Grameen Bank about loan, 97% of borrowers of Grameen bank are women with repayment rate of 99%. Most number of service from Grameen banks eligible for the Women with up to 99% than men. Grameen Bank provides Group loan, Small Business loans, Home loans for the businesswoman at home or office.

The Success of Mohammad Yunus bank model led to growth of Microfinance, global movement in banking sectors, providing financial services to millions of its peoples to developing the countries of world. Grameen Bank won Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, because it was the first woman of microfinance bank of world.

Grameen Bank’s ideas about MSMEs & Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) are taking rapidly India’s Microfinance Market & Global market to support the Institutions, Womens, HouseWife, Group loans and other service to make bank’s chance give a new score to bank of grameen. All the each other banks are going to partnership with other banks to make new ideas about grow of banking industry.

The Muhammad Yunus is world’s top microfinance manager from year 1983 when they found the Grameen Bank to provide the all the service for the womens & some for mens to increase the idea of banks. New Microfinance banks in India, China, USA, UK, Germany and other countries of south Asia are looking to move with these idea to increase the banking into the women customer to make their bank safety or earn regular interests of 99% repayment score of customers.

In the World, Firstly Grameen Bank are made a clear roadmap about their Microfinance, MSMEs, MicroLoans, MFIs & other machinery loans, small business & Business financing providers to increase the credit score of customer in the country to sanctions the large loans for their businesses.

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