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USA to declare Diwali & Eid as National Holiday? : Festival in USA

Is Diwali and Eid-Al-Fitr in USA will be federal national holiday in 2022. introduces a bill name as “Deepavali Day Act” to declare Diwali as a national federal holiday in US.


In the United States of America, mostly bills are came and brings to the US national congress for federal holidays for the Diwali and Eid-Al-Fitr in United States. Recently a Democrats New York’s Lawmaker Carolyn B Maloney Congresswomen introduces a bill name as “Deepavali Day Act” to declare Diwali as a national federal holiday in US.

Raja Krishnamoorthi (born 19 July, 1973) is a Indian-born American businessman and politician serving as the U.S. Representative from Illinois’s 8th congressional district since 2017. Raja Krishnamoorthi has a good number of Indian-American support in the Illinois State of US from Democratic party, Krishnamoorthi also introduced a resolution in the US Congress to recognise the religious and historical significance of the festival of lights.

It is not first, Since Obama, many US State representatives brought a lot of many bills to declare the festival like EidElFitr and Diwali as a country holiday. U.S government Republican‘ party won’t to process next to make a national holiday with Eid and Diwali or other Asian and foreign holidays, after the Christmas Day and some American historical festival and federal holidays.

Although, American Donald trump’s government wants to make Chrismas Day as a Culture Day than Religious day of Catholic, because mostly Asian-US and other foreigners-US are asked to Donald trump government in their presidency about the culture of US. to allow many festivals like Diwali, Eid, Jewish Festivals and other continent festival and celebration to make a National Holiday of United States of America.

Donald Trump never supported about any International festival, the Christmas day is top Federal Holiday in their history. A new bill many time introduced in the all Democratic leader’s presidency like Obama and Joe Biden to make a legal National Holiday for the Eid-Al-Fitr and Diwali.

Recently, A bill again introduced by Democratic US congresswomen representative of US, to Approve the Diwali and Eid as a national holiday in the US. In the Eid holidays, mostly business of Export/Import between America and Muslim countries like Middle East and other Islamic country amid a national holiday have Most of the services remain closed on the day of Eid international service to US and other countries.

As same a Indian Festival, Diwali is one of the India’s top festival where mostly peoples are celebrate the Diwali in India, Nepal and Mauritius. United State has 1% of Hindu, 2.5% of Muslim (As record of year 2011) Population and 45% protestant and 25% of total US population catholic church.

The Muslim, Hindu and Jewish population want to make america’s holiday with their festivals. U.S already celebrating these 11 federal holiday. see below.

How much US federal Holidays?

The US 75% of Christian population wants to celebrate 25th Dec, of every year as a ‘Christmas Day’ but the U.S. Biden government will be introduce 25th DEC of year as a ‘Culture day’ where declared national holiday, but the other foreign countries festival are will be added in the year 2022. Republic Party of US will be Protest Against Democratic party because of support any international festival.

The Donald Trump’s party and Representatives are won’t to declare any abroad festival day or federal national holiday which that will be not In American history.

Many bills were blocked in early 5 year of Trump’s presidency, Donald trump won’t to sign for the any international festival and national holiday. The Democratic party’s Indian-American or Arab-American will be introduce the bill to make Eid and Diwali as a national holidays.

As per the opposition of Republic party, It bill of Diwali and Eid will be blocked, when the Chrismas day will be as a Culture not a religious day. By the way, these efforts are done only by Indian&Arab-Americans, Indian&Arab-Democrats, Indian&Arab-American House Representatives and not the common people of America. The Democratic party has mostly more other country’s representatives, US congressman and US CongressWomen.

In the future, The influence of Arab and Indian in US politics of Democratic or Republic party will increase day-by-day then it will be happens in the America to introduce a new bill to declare Eid and Diwali as national holiday of America.

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