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US impose sanctions on the Russia to save Ukraine : Ukraine Russia Crisis

Putin recognise Luhansk & Donetsk a indepent countries, US will impose sacntions on the Russia. Budapest Agreement Vs Ukraine’s Nuclear weapon plans. What Next Russian Invastons on Kyiv.


Europe’s top issue in the Ukraine-Russia may makes a situations of new World War in Europe and North America. US president Joe Biden imposes NATO-US Based Sanctions on the Russia to target the Russian Banks, sovereign debt and elites to stop the war between Russia-Ukraine. The steps who taken by Joe Biden on a row of to countries relationship and neighbor or groups. Russia recognising the new two rebel-held regions name (Luhansk & Donetsk) as a ‘Republic State‘ with those own Prime ministers which recently attacked by Russian Forces and controlled backed by Russian Authority. Russian President and minitry are passed a 5 to 10 years of security gurantee to those new countries which were early part of Ukraine. The neighbour or Friendly Country of Russia like Syria, Iran, Belarus and China may recognise Luhansk & Donetsk as a new country and new rules and independent from Ukraine, but may US, UK, France and other NATO countries will not recognise Luhansk & Donetsk as a country.

US president Joe Biden Said, Russia will be impacted by many countries which are the most part of Business, Loans, Finance and Foreign Reserves. The Most number of Export & Import Russia doing with China, Germany, Belarus, United States, UK, France, Netherlands, Poland with approximately $350 Billion USD in every year with growth rate of 5% in the Europe and Asia.

The Russian president just recognise Luhansk & Donetsk is a independent country, and also Russian Authority claims they will helps to those new country to empower the future development with Russia and Luhansk & Donetsk State’s new Government.

On the move of Russian invasion of Ukraine, Joe Biden presidency imposes new Sanctions on the Russia to stop the war between each countries and Belarus. In the Current Situation of NATO and Russia trades are impacted most from neighbors of Russia. Bide also already said, they will not save Ukraine from sending a Forces & Military but they can helps the Ukraine from Peace talk and Imposing Sanctions.

Joe Biden’s new plan of ‘Imposing Sactions’ will directly Impacts on the Russian Economy and Foreign Reserve of USD. The Dollar is still so strong for the users of SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) tranactions. Most number of Export and Import are cause happens through SWIFT International payment gateway which backed by United States Dollar. The Dollar may impact Russia’s $350 Billion USD yearly Export and Imports. Russia government may get a low Gain Tax when their are US Sanctions.

Joe Biden’s sanctions on the Russia. The package would issue sanctions on two major Russian banks and on the country’s sovereign debt, meaning it can no longer raise money from the West and trade new debt on U.S. or European markets, the U.S. will also impose sanctions on Russian elites and their family members.

This is a big large number of impacts on the Russia when Putin till will not stop Invading Ukraine and their Civilians. Joe Biden will not send any Forces to Ukraine where the most number of ‘Security Reason’ based things are already shifted to Poland for monitoring Europes’s position.

Russian President Putin are recognised Luhansk & Donetsk a Independent Country with own Prime Minister and also promissed to those civilians of Luhansk & Donetsk for 10 years of safety, military and security based terms and conditions.

As per the Budapest Agreement which signed in 1994 by Russia and Ukraine, the Ukrain have lost and made big mistake about Nuclear Weapons and high security which were controlled under Russia than own country’s prime minister. they can leave from ‘Budapest Agreement’ to make their own Nuclear weapons to save Ukraine from next Russian Invasions. Under the Budapest Agreement mostly the weapons of Soviet Union are controlled by Russia which were in Ukraine. Today, If Ukraine want to start their own Nuclear plant warhead, then Ukraine should have to leave the conditions of Budapest Agreement to own your own weapons. In the future, NATO countries will help the Ukraine to make their own Nuclear weapons without purchasing from UK, UK and Germany.

So being this time, Russia will face more impact by US sanction when they will not step back from next excersie against Ukraine, means About trying to Attack on the Kyiv Capital of Ukraine.

Russia Forces may take back their military equipment and assets to their country Russia, the US sanction may target the Russian Army. This would issue sanctions on two major Russian banks and on the country’s sovereign debt to brake the Russian Economy. Putin will not want to see the break on economy, Military funds & sovereign debt and may will soon to leave the Ukraine Border for ending the war between Ukraine & Russia.

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