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Top 5 Business to Become a Billionaire in year 2022 : Business ideas

These top 5 business to become billionaires in 2021 and 2022 to these business ways to easily invest, own, finance and digital dream in the world with world top Billionaire success.


The large number of billionaires are belongs on these kind of Businesses to become so rich in more less time. In year 2021, mostly billionaires are earning millions of USD ( United States Dollar ) per day by doing an digital and physical works. In the Covid 19 pandemic and lockdown mostly companies were earned or generated more than 2.5X income as comparisons of early net worth.

In the world, 3000+ most billionaire businessmen and Businesswomen has make their mega-fortunes by doing everything from starting hedge fund and tech related companies. top billionaires are belongs to the more industrial route and making more stable lifestyle with common route of their financial assets.

for example, Bill gates, Jeff Bezos, Ray Dalio, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook were be in more billionaire lists and top popular from their companies and a new identity of their lifestyle and hard work on their companies, strategy and top net worth.

Mostly Businessmen always puts their profit into the new diversify investment to increase the worth day-by-day with finance, investment, real estate and others. The number of finance, digital finance and investment billionaires has grown by 52% in the past year 2020, and has nearly doubled from two years ago, with household names like Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn and hedge fund titan Ray Dalio. There’s still space for newcomers, however, join the list this year thanks to big bets on cryptocurrency and other source of bets platform.

we shows you, how the world is making their net worth more profitable than others, we shows you some fields of investment, hard work, diversifying and other to make yourself so rich.

Top 5 ways to become billionaire rich in 2022 ?

1. Finance & real Estate business

In the 2021, Almost 20% of total billionaires richest person around the world, making a Financial and Real Estate businesses better to grow their income day-by-day in sharply. Finance and Real estate assets to improve a big quality in the Finance world. For example, Warren Buffet (CEO of Berkshire Hathaway) holds $97 billion of net worth in financial world. so, Jorge Lemann ($25 Billion USD), Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz al Saud ($22 billion USD) and Carl Icahn ($18 Billion USD) has top financial richest people around the world.

2. Technology and Science

Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, MarkZuckerberg, Bill Gates and Larry Page are most popular technology based business man and top billionaires around the world in top 10 list, now yet Jeff Bezos world’s top Technology related business holding e-commerce site which is more popular in the online stuff delivery. The net worth of Jeff Bezos has $120 billion and other business man are same based on the tech companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple. In the future, mostly tech companies are offering for the public business platform for everyone to do at home and make money through their platform online and with Affiliate market, marketing, advertising, freelancing work, sell online and buy online. The Tech companies are growing yearly with +15% in budget of community and also the CEO and creator of Tech companies making a lot of million USD day-by-day with the new business ideas and digital profit cycles.

3. Health care and pharmaceutical

In the health care companies, Jiang Rensheng & family (hairman of vaccine firm Chongqing ZFSW Biological Products) has one of top worldwide business company of Pharmaceutical with $24 billions of USD. in the pandemic, This pharma company gained more profit day-by-day due to the worldwide lockdown within spread of new COVID-19 infections after the early Spain flu, Swine Flu and Malaria medicine. The company is working to develop its own tuberculosis vaccines in their mission of success in Pharma and health care industry. the top richest man, Li Xiting : NET WORTH: $21.5 BILLION, Zhong Huijuan : NET WORTH: $19.7 BILLION, Xu Hang : NET WORTH: $15 BILLION, Sun Piaoyang : NET WORTH: $14.7 BILLION and etc.

4. Media & Entertainment Group

The Media and Entertainment group like Sony, Bloomberg, The Walt Disney, Netflix lnc and ViacomCBS Inc making a lot of Billions USD during their live telecast and earnings advertisements. In the Digital and Social media world, mostly peoples trust on ‘Online Business‘ of Media, Blog, Website, videos, News, #BREAKINGS and other to make money amid promotions and advertisement on their platform. In the future, Media and Entertainment will be large amount of community to make own way with the performing on the stage and other sources of digital screening for paid performs. top richest man of Media Group bloomberg CEO ( Michael Bloomberg ) his net worth is up to $59 billion USD from begin and the media groups companies and industry has more value in the digital world of new technology. top business man like Charles Ergen, Patrick Drahi, and Robin Li holdings more than $10 billions of USD from their media groups.

4. Decentralized and Blockchain techology

A world’s top in-famous business of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency performing 100X from 10 years of a special oldest or first paper currency Bitcoin price and blockchain mining, stack and new digital financial world. The Blockchain technology offers more options of blockchain education, Blockchain currency, digital finance account, non-KYC accounts, Internet Currency, all Decentralized features and other tech based blockchain technology offers thousands of features to make your future better with public mining, public earning and your energy to make digital money from home and offices. This currency and technology has not been centralized by anyone whether are government or companies. its provides a lot of function to the public contract to make and use through the digital ways.

The blockchain tech and decentralized options are make your billionaires dreams success who you can ask to Bitcoin miners whom holdings or mined millions of Bitcoin and Ethereum from their own electric energy. These companies like Microstrategy, GrayScale and Tesla are holding 100K to 200K+ Bitcoin in their blockchain contract Address and also moved from Bonds to Bitcoin. a country accepted Bitcoin as Digital Payment, Payment gateway, Financial industry, Import and Export and commodities assets of the country called ‘El-Salvador’ where their users and civilian can travel around the world without any Physical Dollar or official currency. Bitcoin offers payment method like BTC/USD, BTC/YEN, BTC/INR, BTC/EUR and BTC/AUD and many other options through country wise.

Top market cap companies in the world like Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet and etc. see below.

Top 10 market cap companies in the world

These above given companies has almost 20 years old companies but Bitcoin holds almost $1 Trillion USD market cap in the world and its compares with 5th largest market capacity after Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet and Saudi Aramco Holdings. The Bitcoin Blockchain is a risky in the vitality of market but easy for the freedom and decentralized world.

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