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Russia will enter in Afghanistan to fight Taliban?

Russia might enters and activate Tajik military base in Tajikistan to monitor the activity of Taliban after American army withdrawal from Northern Afghanistan.


MOSCOW, RUSSIA | In the current situation of Taliban and Afghanistan government, the possibility of Russian Massive entry in Northern Alliances between Taliban and other countries like Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran border, China and J&K. In the Future, Russia might enters and activate Tajik military base in Tajikistan to monitor the activity of Taliban after American army withdrawal from Northern Afghanistan.

Senator Biden and Vice-President Biden believed the US should get out of Afghanistan. Now President Biden is Commander-in-Chief. after the some these kind of statements, America finally get out from Taliban VS Afghanistan government war of long time. Its not clear to out properly from Afghanistan for United States, because many time US announces and outs from here and again enters more time to Afghanistan after more unstable situation of Northern Afghanistan before it.

Joe Biden’s statements on Afghanistan.

‘He was at pains to say support for Afghanistan wouldn’t stop, but even more adamant that both Afghan politicians and security forces had the capacity to prevent a Taliban takeover. “Will they do it?” he asked.

That’s what Afghans have asked – repeatedly – in the midst of continuing disarray and disunity in Kabul, and the dramatic Taliban advance in the districts.

The president’s emphasis on speaking out for women and girls isn’t heard in districts already under Taliban control where they’re not going to school.

As a president who’s known to study all the scenarios, he made it clear “it’s highly unlikely” there will be a unified government, and not much the US could do, or should do, if Kabul collapses. That’s up to Afghans – and the countries next door.’

Will Russian Federation will come in Afghanistan Again?

as we believe the war of Soviet Union invades Afghanistan and we believe the northern alliance countries. The Russian entry in North Afghanistan, might its much important for Northern country of Afghanistan border to keep stable the situation of Afghanistan and keep control the influence of TALIBAN amid the high level area captures of Afghanistan.

Just now, TALIBAN seized a new district of Afghanistan near Iran border, Iran, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and North Afghanistan’s part that will be next area which was mostly in the mountain, perhaps, in the future, that American and Russian forces might not reach Taliban fighter in the mountain (Pamir Mountains) to air attack on them in deep mountain area near Tajikistan and other north countries.

Russia or any other northern alliance country should enter in Afghanistan against TALIBAN Before Taliban reach Pamir Mountains which might be a big opportunity for Taliban to attack on the Tajikistan and other nearest country of Afghanistan for the next further seize.

Why, recent visit of Taliban to Russia?

A delegation of the Taliban visited Moscow on Thursday to offer assurances that their quick gains on the ground in Afghanistan do not threaten Russia or its allies in Central Asia.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said the Kremlin envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, met with the Taliban delegation to express concern about the escalation and tensions in northern Afghanistan. The ministry said Kabulov urged the Taliban “to prevent them from spreading beyond the country’s borders.

“We received assurances from the Taliban that they wouldn’t violate the borders of Central Asian countries and also their guarantees of security for foreign diplomatic and consular missions in Afghanistan,” the ministry said.

India, China, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan and other central asia countries believes, Taliban will never stop their influence in the Afghanistan and other Central Asian countries. Russian Entry in the Afghanistan might a new role for safety of Russian Air Base in Tajikistan also for the safety of other Northern countries. its the finally opportunity to keep safe northern countries from Taliban fighter’s influence in the Central Asia.

In the recent withdrawn of American army from long side war with Taliban and safety of Kabul, America and North Alliance countries might loss the future’s opportunity to fight for democracy in the CENTRAL countries of Asia.

Russia will be enter in some country of North Alliance to save and keep safe Russia’s economy and defense agreement in Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Iran. Russia is only a way for neighbor countries of Afghanistan to keep away from Taliban fighter’s influence.

China and Russian will be next opportunity to keep safe neighborhood countries of Afghanistan from Taliban group. China also face a new issue in the central Asia, after the america army withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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