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Russia offers Cheap oil and gas to Pakistan, Bangladesh, India amid hike of Crude Oil prices via China : Russian Pakistan

Will Pakistan, India, Bangladesh will accept Russian offers of Cheap Oil & Gas price? OPEC, Crude Oil price, Russia-Ukraine War, Pakistan Economy, US & IMF debt, Union Pay of China, US Sanctions.


Russian crude oil reserve is now earning more high than before of Ukraine-Russia war, Russsian authority offered many extra discounted offers to China, India, Turkey, Germany, the Netherlands, but amid the US sanction of Russia and other countries. There are no more option to get cheap oil than OPEC and other Crude Oil supplying countries. Venezuela, Iran, Russia, Syria and Iraq have a lot of max supply of Crude oil to the world because US sanctions are nowa big problum for every single country who can’t get or purchase any cheap Oil and Gas from any countries which banned or sactioned by US and their alliance.

Russian (Andrey Fedorov) said Russia is ready to provide oil and gas at cheaper prices to Pakistan who are many important country in the Central Asia, Pakistan will be used International cooperation of Transction with China and UAE to pay directly to other Global Payment system than SWIFT and other US banned Payment Systems.

After Offering and completing with Pakistan related to cheap price oil and gas offers for those, may Russia’s next offer will be launched for the India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and other countries to get more transction and manage the russian economy from the way of Pakistan to world.

If Pakistan will accept the Russian Offers of Cheap Oil and Price may India will be the next option to work together with the Union Pay of China to Pay payments into Yuan to Russian currency.

Allthough, most country of world’s are facing big issue related to trade or purchase crude in high risky price to maintain the country’s economy. Russian (Andrey Fedorov) said, pakistan not had any discussion related to trade with Russian for cheap offers or etra discount because of US Sanctions and IMF loans.

Pakistan is facing a big problem about high Gas and Petrol price in over country and also the economy is also stressing the financial system of Pakistan. US and IMF is also a issue for pakistan who put Pakistan away from any Russia-Pakistan Deal.

In the war between Russia-Ukraine, Imran Khan The prime Minister of Pakistan visited Russia to make friendly ties with both country in economy, But Imran Khan not told about the Deal between Pakistan and Russian to make any. its a final offers from Russian authority for Pakistan to take any opprotunity.

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