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New WhatsApp features will be coming with digital financial technology : WhatsApp Crypto News

WhatsApp features will be coming with digital financial tech or BlockChain technology to the new digital world of Payment Interface in 2022. Facebook Libra cryptocurrency will next digital assets in world.


WhatsApp features will be coming with digital financial tech or BlockChain technology to the new digital world of Payment Interface in 2022.

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA | Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has announced the integration of shopping into the group’s popular WhatsApp messaging service. Almost WhatsApp has 2.5 Billion+ users around the globe and 100Million to 390.1 million+ monthly Active users, its a largest platform for end-to-end encrypted (WhatsApp claims) than other Social Media platform like Signal and WeChat. the world has 7.8 Billion+ total population on the earth and WhatsApp total users belongs to almost 33% of over global population. the google PlayStore claim the total users of WhatsApp are belong 5 Billion+ and might it will reach almost 6Billion+ downloads.

In soon, WhatsApp will add more domestic and international features to make a world’s choice via Facebook, Instagram to WhatsApp privately than other public option.

On the 22th June, 2021. Facebook CEO, Zuckerberg said that users will soon be able to view a shop on WhatsApp so they can chat with a business before buying something.

WhatsApp will be easy things to make world faster than other app’s database, it will be used for private chat (end-to-end-encrypted), messaging, voice call ( fast & secure ), Payment and billing from WhatsApp, Business and Pages, assemble a faster WhatsApp Business API account for Business holders, UPI payment Interface, International transactions, Investment ad Stock and might be BlockChain Techology to be added in till the end of 2022. The crypto/Blockchain industries are highly growing fast in the digital payment assets of the world like Bitcoin, ETH and Litecoin. WhatsApp will be a one of the most popular ways for privacyChat and Business and transactions.

The digital technology of blockchain are growing fast than other market, databases, education database and investment. Blockchain has one of the fast and all-in-one technology to use anywhere in Payment, pay, investment, business, data entry, computer world and also active 24×7 with all services and conditions.

WhatsApp is world’s most important things with only on Mobiles Number to everyone can make their life easy with all-in-one features of WhatsApp.

Can Blockchain Technology helps WhatsApp?

In the Blockchain technology WhatsApp can use own made coin/crypto to be safe with own coins and financial ways to make easy the way of Investors, Financial freedom and decentralized when its (WhatsApp) has end-to-end encrypted. WhatsApp can make a own coin to attract the investors of digital financial world’s investors to bring most expensive cryptocurrecy for use of everywhere around the globe. WhatsApp always uses the personal identification of users with end-to-end encrypted, also the team of WhatsApp should begin a new blockchain tech to make the way of fast and security most comfortable.

Blockchain technology can also helps WhatsApp in the technical supports like speed, fast, one or more database with one touch. the blockchain tech is a pair of each other computer and high speed GPU system to everyone can give an speed and mining of whatsApp users for speed of GPU to send and receive all end-to-end encrypted with blockchain and chain ideas of computer to computer and mobile to mobile and GPU to GPU to users of WhatsApp. every blockchain miners can use blockchain to make speed up WhatApp and other source of Facebook and Instagram.

The next important and more great features of Blockchain technology, WhatsApp should use to make easy the transaction of payment and other method of billing and financial structure using blockchain speed and security, millions of computers are making the billions of transaction easy as without of any doubt. Blockchain is not only used in cryptocurrency. it will be uses on everywhere in the computer science and server side attachment.

if this will happens, so WhatsApp will be next digital assets of world like Bitcoin or crypto and other blockchain assets of community for other server technology and education, data, security, performance and much etc.

Facebook’s Libra CryptoCurrency will the next big project than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

CREDIT – @corporatefinanceinstitute

By the way, if the global crypto or digital currency market will pump everyday and everyone known about the Blockchain tech and crypto digital technology then Facebook’s Libra will be a one of best things for WhatsApp and Facebook to accept payment in digital and decentralized ways. before some year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg planed for digital asset as Libra Cryptocurrency to accept in Facebook advertisement payment in digital assets like Libra and Bitcoin.

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