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Myanmar ‘Junta Air Strikes’ on Anti-coup protesters and civilians : Myanmar News

Myanmar Army (Junta) Air Strike on Anti-coup protesters and civilians and 13000+ unarmed civilians are displaced after this attacks in Myanmar. read more…


YANGON, MYANMAR | a rebel group has accused Myanmar’s military of deploying “excessive force“, saying on Saturday that continuously air strike have displaced 13000+ unarmed civilians, Including Childerns, womens and homeless peoples. Late last month, a armed group “Karen National Union” (KNU) seized a military base in eastern Kayin state, Killing more than 10 army officers.

On the Satureday (03/04/2021) , The Junta retaliated with Air strikes. amid the Coup crisis in Myanmar, The KNU (Karen National Union) has been a great opponent of Myanmar’s military Junta. KNU are always going against Military Junta and want to stop assassination of Myanmar’s civilians.

After the ousted of civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi from power two month ago — and said it is sheltering hundreds of anti-coup activists. on Saturday, the KNU condemned the use of ‘excessive force by engaging in non-stop bombing and air strikes’ from March 27-30. which have causes the death of many people and childrens amid the crisis of Aung San Suu Kyi’s coup’s from power of Prime Minister.

“The air strikes have also led to the further displacement of more than 12,000 people who have fled their villages and caused a major humanitarian crisis.”

Now Amid a humanitarian crisis in Myanmar, more children are injured and displaced after the Air Strike of Junta on rebels area and villages.

Now. Junta spokesman “Zaw Min Tun” said the military has only been targeting KNU’s 5th Brigade whom killed Junta’s army 12 officers. being time or In Future, it may dangerous after the retaliation of KNU and Junta Air Strike in Myanmar.

Both ( armed KNU or Armed Junta) are taking many decisions step-by-steps, but both groups are not does more peace than before of coup. Zaw Min Tun said ‘we had an air strike on that day only’ and also told – @AFP

“We have signed a nationwide ceasefire agreement… If they follow the NCA, there is no reason for conflict to happen,” Zaw Min Tun said.

Ethnic Karen’s local media and rights groups have reported more multiple bombings and Air Strikes across the over recent days.

Actually, Information flow in the country has also been throttled, with the junta cutting wifi services, mobile data and imposing a nightly internet blackout that has gone on for nearly 50 days. but how that (Myanmar’s civilians) are accept Junta is only attacking on the KNU’s Military base.

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