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MetaVerse Decentralized technology will helps to Facebook for creating new world of Internet : Crypto Meta Facebook news

The Decentralized provider coins and platforms like SandBox (SAND), Decentraland (MANA), Chromia (CHR) and other NFT and 3D virtual reality services provider crypto coins and their platforms will supports MetaVerse to include many features of Decentralized technology to the Facebook and Meta.


MENLO PARK, CA | MetaVerse A new 3D Decentralized technology will helps Facebook for creating new world of Internet. The re-brand of Facebook as MetaVerse technology. MetaVerse offers many kind of digital like virtual world, Decentralize tech, blockchain based new hypothesized iteration of Internet. Meta technology is most popular oldest technology which first virtual reality-based successor to the internet in the world from year 1992.

Meta Technology offers may kind of virtual reality based tech like, supporting decentralized, persistent online 3-D virtual environments. This virtual space will be accessible through virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphones, PCs, and game consoles. The metaverse has well-defined use cases within the video game, business, education, retail, and real-estate sectors. The largest limitation for wide-scale adoption of the metaverse comes from technological limitations with current devices and sensors needed to interact with real-time virtual environments and Meta will also supports Blockchain and virtual currency and blockchain future techology.

The Decentralized provider coins and platforms like SandBox (SAND), Decentraland (MANA), Chromia (CHR) and other NFT and 3D virtual reality services provider crypto coins and their platforms will supports MetaVerse to include many features of Decentralized technology to the Facebook and Meta.

Top Numerous companies, Meta, Roblox, Epic Games and Microsoft are already using the MetaVerse technology from year 1995 to yet with very advanced features of Animation, virtual-reality tech and many virtual Avatar and new features. Facebook’s many features are merged with Meta to improve the future of facebook in virtual technology of decentralized also research in metaverse-related technologies to make it more cost effective and more widely available to the world with future’s virtual technology.

MetaVerse has more hypothesized next iteration of the internet, supporting decentralized, persistent online 3-D virtual environments. Facebook will be fully migrate with Meta to improve many quality public features by including decentralize MetaVerse technologies.

In year 2025, Facebook will include many features of MetaVerse technology to create a new internet including new decentralize technology by adding may blockchain and virtual technology which most company microsoft already using it in their company for the new world of internet.

MetaVerse provides many technology to the developer of internet like Programmers assets, Web development, software programming and many virtual features and now Facebook is ready to make digital work better with MetaVerse Technology.

Information privacy and user addiction are concerns within the MetaVerse, stemming from current challenges facing the social media and video game industries as a whole. The making of Video game industry strong MetaVerse has a more popular role to support every industry which belong with MetaVerse programs.

What future’s Advantage for Facebook in MetaVerse technology?

Facebook will get more privacy, decentralization, Public project, future of Video call and virtual reality features, 3D space, work from anywhere virtually, NFTs programm, CryptoCurrrency (If facebook crypto for saving taxes and internation pressures), Empowering Facebook’s Libra Virtual Currency,  participate in all the metaverse program and future technology of MetaVerse, Crypto and Blockchain technology, Powering more attracting to the VR company (Oculus) of Facebook, Virtual environmental, and many features including to the Facebook to join a new world of MetaVerse technology. This virtual space will be accessible through virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphones, PCs, and game consoles.

Recently facebook has many reports of US Congress, Privacy and Information, Data Steals, Politics, Religious Matters and worldwide problem with Socialism cases on Facebook, That will be closed and be a new world with MetaVerse. The Facebook will be a big opportunity for the Crypto and virtual currency (Decentraland) investors to make their profit by adding into the metaverse with Facebook from Facebook CEO on their requirement of Virtual Platforms and Coins.

What the features timelines of MetaVerse?

  1. 1978 – MUDs and MOOs are multi-user virtual environments often based on a map of connected locations and described in text to the users who navigated through the environment and the puzzles with it.
  2. 1993 – The Metaverse was a MOO (a text-based, low-bandwidth virtual reality system) operated by Steve Jackson Games as part of their BBS, Illuminati Online.
  3. 1995 – Active Worlds, based entirely on Snow Crash, distributed virtual-reality worlds implementing at least the concept of the metaverse.
  4. 2003 – Second Life was launched by Linden Lab. The stated goal of the project was to create a user-defined world like the metaverse in which people can interact, play, do business, and otherwise communicate.
  5. 2004 – X3D was approved by ISO as the successor to the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) as the open standard for interactive real-time 3D (web3D). Today X3D is the standard defining the 3D web and mixed reality open metaverse by combining virtual, mirror, and augmented realities with the web.
  6. 2006 – Roblox was published.
  7. 2018 – NeosVR Metaverse was launched by Solirax.
  8. 2019 – Facebook Horizon was announced as a social VR world by Facebook.
  9. 2020 – Decentraland launched as a decentralized virtual platform owned and operated by its users.
  10. 2021 – Epic Games directs fundraising to build out Fortnite into a metaverse.
  11. 2021 – Microsoft Mesh, a mixed reality software enabling virtual presence through Microsoft devices such as the HoloLens 2, was announced.
  12. 2021 – South Korea announces the creation of a national metaverse alliance with the goal to build a unified national VR and AR platform.
  13. 2021 – The parent company of the social network Facebook is renamed from “Facebook, Inc.” to “Meta Platforms”. Its chairman Mark Zuckerberg declares his company’s commitment to developing a metaverse ecosystem. Various augmented and virtual reality concepts are presented, though much of the underlying technology remains in or has yet to enter development.

Around the world many virtual platforms, Video Platform, Gaming and 3D and next generation digital technologies are used MetaVerse technology to make new world of Internet. The privacy, Information, public tech, blockchain and Social media platform will be safely make a best method for the users of MetaVerse back end platform to save and make the future better with the internet of world.

CryptoCurrency, Blockchain, Video Gamaing, VR and AR, social platform, virtual reality and other many decentralize platform now choosing MetaVerse or other industry. In the world, 70% of total virtual and digital companies are uses MetaVerse technology to making their future better with new world of Internet.

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