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Lemon Juice may good for healthy life in Summer season or COVID-19? : Healthy Juice

Lemon Juice may good for healthy life in Summer season or COVID-19?

How we can make our life ‘normal’ after suffered with COVID-19 pandemic and what we do to be keeping healthy?


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND | In this Summer of 2021, everyone should have to make their life healthy than winter or rainy season. most of peoples have been diagnostics with COVID-19 disease in early year 2020. So now, how they can make their life on the normal condition than Mild or critical conditions of about have suffered COVID-19 Pandemic in 2019 or 2020.

What we can do to make normal life after suffered disease of COVID-19?

although, mostly patient have suffered at the disease of Pandemic, but still can make their as a normal life using some topics. Every patient should have to wear mask and follow the precautions of any positions to keep away from getting infection back into their life. always drink hot water in winter seasons and still try to drink hot water in summer to kill on the pathogen of COVID-19 pandemic. Good news, Now have many doses of COVID-19’s vaccine and complete vaccination treatment in medical and hospital to take Vaccine (Pfizer) after the confirmation about you for COVID-19 patients.

apart from this, Lemon juice is more important for getting immunity into your body and make your life free from COVID-19 disease.

can ‘Lemon’ Juice give better immunity in our body?

In the morning, you can make ‘Lemon’ juice with equal mix level of Sugar, salt and water to put into your freeze to wait for 30 minutes after the properly mixed. After the moments of 30 minutes, You can drink in Hungry stomach in morning and do walk into outside of house in Garden and jogging park.

If have possible in home, then do Gym to set your body as fit and good fitness in your immunity. But, If you visiting Gym Center then wear mask and keep distance from anyone to avoid from COVID-19 infections.

In the medicine market, Vaccine about COVID-19 now available in the seasons of pandemic disease. If you are existing taking the vaccine of COVID-19 then follow the rules or permission of nurses or doctor to keep away any bacteria of COVID-19.

We shared some tips, which can only you can do in the Mild or Free of COVID-19 conditions, but if you are making Juice in the critical condition then take the permission of Doctors.

Thank You!

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