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Is Nail Biting Habit are Making You a Victim of Any Disease?

Chewing thumb, Diease of nail bitting habbit make health diease.



Is Nail Biting Habit are Making You a Victim of Any Disease?

may you will think that the habit of nail biting, you can’t leave and unable to leave it, Then you maybe wrong to thinking about it. Around the world, many peoples leaving that habits of nail bitting. and they have much better after the leaving it. Everything in the world can be difficult, but not impossible.

Today we shares much experience on the Nail-biting-habit to keep safe, and make yourself healthy and much better than before. And we also shares that tips to reform you to leave that habit. 

In the Schools, Colleges, Universities and academy, teachers says to children to leave the habit of Nail-Bitting, and they also shouts to leave the habit instantly. But some students able to leave and some are unable to leave.

By the way, if you are the parents , Uncle, aunti, brother and sister of kids, you make sure to say to them to leave it probably. if have any young person is the victims of that kind of habits, please say to them to keep away to take the habit.

Is this Nail-Bitting habit dangerous?

may be this habit of Nail-bitting will be dangerous. The habit of nail-biting is can also worst for nail-skin and the fingers to be awareness. Bitting of nail will be problems for the nail skins. when you are eating something and dinner on the night, that nail biting habit will be victim of hurts or burns at nail skin of yours.

It will also the victim of any pandemic or diseases from the human where to you does meet and handshake. it can send some infection on your mouth and throat. Most of the disease in the world is also caused by nail biting and nail sucking. If you use that hand in the washroom and if you do nail bitting with it, then maybe it can bring new disease.

When you meet and handshake to guesst or friends, then you never know what infections you have got the fingurs and nail, after it you bitting of the nail through your habit so you might be disease of Covid19.

And it also worst for soft and grooming of hand. For the skin of fingers will be dismissed of blood running in hand, because that will not able to recover the nails skin. And it takes a lot of time for the nail to come back because it ( nail-bitting ) hurts the blood of there.

There is fear of the infectious, disease,  and fever and difficulty for breathing after the victim of any kind of sickness worse in this. It can make you the victim of any kind of dangerous disease.

How to leave nail-bitting, and how can it possible?

1. if you want to leave the habit of nail biting, you have to visit the crowd area and see the people and meet to the person. they can make your mind busy, you have to do work on anywhere where you working from fingurs, to forget the habit of nail-bitting. If cause possible, you have to took your fingurs to busy.

2. wearing hand gloves can be give you a new way which can make you to possible to leave the nail biting. According to Covid-19 and any pendamic, many peoples and doctors are wearing gloves and hand to keep safe themselves.

3. you should have to use tissue and handkerchief to cover your fingers to avoid from nail-biting. Keep your fingers covered with something. And keep try to don’t nail bitting again and say to someone to take a Alert, when you doing nail-bitting.

Thank you,  we have shared our experience, maybe we will update this article everytime.

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