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Indians reads news on these 3 platfroms including YouTube, WhatsApp & Facebook

Indians News access On YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp, These Indiam States are Preffer international news, Technology, education, entertainment, national, state or city news. Indian language news readers has valuable potential for Content Ranks, publishers & advertisers.


The Mostly Indians are read news, politics & World News on Youtube & Facebook social platfroms. India’s top News & Entertainment digital platfroms or social news ecosystem in official indian language consumer uses by numbers on YouTube & Social Media.

The 50% Indians are finds news by looking news publisher’s YouTube Channels & websites or apps to read daily mobile phone news at their daily routines. Mostly Published news on Official Indian Languages, Understanding India‚Äôs Digital News Consumer and low quality readers on English or other languages.

The United State’s mobile users or News readers are mostly actives on the Twitter & YouTube to access all kind of Global News from a single #HashTag Following, Top Followed Persons, Twitter Topics. The Indians Mobile users are mostly active on the YouTube, Facebook & WhatsApp to access news & Other Categories. The Only 20% of Total readers in India pays $10 for Breaking News & Updates.

The Digital News Publishers are charge for access the Politics news & Other Bollywood related Headlines, top news channels and Applications are have been started their version of ‘Subscription‘ to access by paying for monthly news headliness packages.

Indians are pays mostly for prefer entertainment, crime, and national, state, Villages or city news. top readers from different langauges & States Bengali, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnatak, Delhi & Punjab are preffer international news, Technology and education.

Mostly top news blogs in india, are posts short length & Poor Contents, Poor content presentation on too many advertisements or sponsorship contents. The Readers ages are too young users and Videos Viewers on YouTube.

Most top languages are covering by Indian News Publishers & YouTube Content Creators are in these top languages Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.

In India, Digital Advertisement & sponsorships are value low value to investment any company because of high level media & Publishers competitors in Publishing the Same News & Contents.

The Users of YouTube In India has 250 million+ and Facebook 350.6 million which is high than other countries but most activity about user’s of News, Entertainments and Politics are uses the YouTube & Facebook to read the latest developing news.

India’s language news & Digital news viewers more valuable for Articles Ranks, Investments, publishers & advertisers to grow the daily active users in India and either whole world.

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