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India could be next covid-19 free country in Asia.

The India will be next COVID-19 free country before the 3rd wave of Delta Plus variants and coronavirus next varients.


NEW DELHI, INDIA | In the covid-19 pandemic mostly asian countries might seems being next covid-19 free countries like Greenland, Solomon Island, American Samoa, Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, North Korea, Turkmenistan, NewZealand, after some european countries. The India will be next COVID-19 free country before thr 3rd wave of Delta Plus variants and coronavirus next varients.

India next for country that are nearly covid-free?

In the world, mostly country making their vaccination campaign strong than other country, India will be the list of strong and higj level vaccination campaign to make a diease’s infection rate low and non-effectable. India everyday vaccinating 8.5 million to 10 million peoples everyday or in every 24 hours. Indian top verified vaccine called ‘CoviShield‘ is one of most popular choice for every indian to get vaccinated.

CoviShield Vaccine and CoWin digital platform played the more important role in vaccination for everyone.

in June 2021, India sees best and perfect 98% recovery rate than these month of March, April and May 2021.

recovery rate 98% from 80% in March month.

In the march 2021 month, everyday indian tested 5 million and positive cases belongs to almost 400,000 and infection rate was much high than other asian countries.

India will be next Covid-19 free country amid the current situation of less new cases, fast recoveries, drop infection rate, fasted vaccination as compares to other asian and european countries.

the Total number of Active cases are seems 567K to 700K in the current month of June 2021.

India is now preparing for the next wave of Delta Plus or Coronavirus to add more energy in the civilians of india through CoviShield Vaccine and Social Distancing, Wearing Mask and other awarness to fight Covid-19 together with the healthy tips.

Indian Authority seems, In the Future 3rd wave of Coronavirus will be make a new trouble In India which is very dangrous/uncontrolable than early 2nd wave Coronavirus.

the Cases of New Delta Plus variant is found in India, Australia and UK with High Infection rate, might only Vaccinated persons can beat and break the chain of Covid-19 Infection.

Everyday India vaccanating almost 8 million to 10 Million people in every single 24 hours of the day.

In India, Get vaccinated will be the strenght against COVID-19 pandemic and new further variants.

mostly millions of Indians have fully vaccinated than other Asian Countries. India has Asia’s top high and large immunity system than other asian countries to fight together.

Indians should have to follow the way of get vaccinated, Wearing mask, Social distancing and other to avoid coronavirus next 3rd wave of future.

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