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How to start web 3.0 website in 2025 : Semantic Web 3.0

Semantic Web & Blockchain technology smart Contract, Search Engines, Graphics, Mathematics, Machine Learning, Intelligence the new Web 3.0 technology, how to create Web3 Websites, Nodes. purchase NFT Domain.


How to start web 3.0 projects/website in 2025, in the world most number of Internet users and Software, Applications developers are knows about new version of Internet called Web 3.0 version of new internet in next some years. The top cryptocurrency holders are wants to change the Internet for new generation technology to work for future.

The Web 3.0 including a lot of new technologies like 3D Graphics, Artificial intelligence, Connectivity, Web 3.0 and Blockchain, Apple’s Siri, Wolfram Alpha, Facebook & Twitter’s new blockchain developmet with Bitcoin’s technology. The Server, Databases & domain are backed by Centralized Agencies and orgnizations. in the Web 3.0, all the Website data will be private and Decetralized which anyone can not read or change by Hacking, visiting Databases.

The Web 3.0 domains & Website hosting like Nodes, Smart Contract and Data you can’t see directly to your Web 2.0 browsers and Operating Systems. The Web 3.0 needs everything make new to read, write & verify with Blockchain based Browsers, Operting Systems & Servers.

In the new world of Web 3.0, these companies are a existing customer Wolfram Alpha and Apple’s Siri and in the future, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft & top biggest companies will starting investing in Web 3.0 technology to make world so faster, reliable & Secure.

How Web 1.0, Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 works!

Web 3.0 will handles Billions of Websites and Stroge to get more faster. The new Internet mean everything will be changed in Web 3.0, see below their own Operting Systesm, DApps, Browsers, Social Networks.

Web 2.0 VS Web 3.0, it seems everything going to change in the future of Internet.

World’s top company Apple & Wolfram Alpha, It works by using its vast store of expert-level knowledge and algorithms to automatically answer questions, do analysis and generate reports.

What is Web 3.0 Semantic Website?

Web 3.0 is the third generation of internet services for websites and applications that will focus on using a machinebased understanding of data to provide a data-driven and Semantic Web. The ultimate goal of Web 3.0 is to create more intelligent, connected and open websites.

The most number of Businessess like Digital Real Estate, Virtual Technology Shopping, Databases, Server & Web Developers are going to create a new world to get a lot of Privacy & new Smart Contract based technology.

How to setup new Websites in Web 3.0 ?

In the Web 2.0 you can easily setup your site through Linux, Apache Web Server, IP address, MySql Databases & WordPress. But in this web 3.0, you should have to install Web 3.0 based Blockchain Operating System (Like EOS), Browsers (like Brave), Storage (Like IPFS or Storj), Social Media (Like Akasha) and etc.

Defining features of Web 3.0 include decentralization; trustless and permissionless; artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning; and connectivity and ubiquity.

For Example, A Google Chrome User are want to access a Web 3.0 based domain on their computer, but they forgot the browser they uses that’s a Web 2.0 Based Application. If you want to use Web 3.0 Website then you should have to upgrade your browser with other Web 3.0 based machine Operting System like EOS or

1. Purchase Web 3.0 based Domain

the most number of thing is have everyone should have to purchase a Web 3.0 based NFT domain from new Blockchain based domain providers. Mint your new NFT based domain with your network to get Domain Name Verificaition by your Smart Contract Address. this domain will not open on your web 2.0 browsers like Google Chrome, Mozila and etc.

connect your site to your web 3.0 NFTs based domain via Smart Contract in your Web 3.0 based domain provider’s hosting account. Connect you IPFS or Storj based Contract from your Blockchain Wallet to Domain Linking or Mint Center.

3. Learn Smart Contract and Web 3.0 Nodes

The all transaction of CryptoCurrency, Virtual Databases & verify of every transaction are works from Smart Contract & Node at Storage of Data and soft Ledger works of Blockchain. As the view of Web 2.0, Server & Databases are works for websites being this Smart Contract & Nodes are working for website Verifiable & read and Wallet transaction.

How the Semantic web, Web 3.0 Nodes, Web 3.0 Smart Contract and Blockchain works.

The all the Web 3.0 websites are works through Smart Contract, Nodes & IPFS method to get free website hosting in Web 3.0 and mostly people gets a free NFT based Web 3.0 domains.

Smart Contract & Nodes are helps to your new sites to be linked or Store data in your site’s Hash to get your site opened without fear of maintainace, server down, VPS, Web Server and etc.

4. Learn backed programming & web 3.0 definition based new backed languages.

The Web 3.0 have a lot of future and features to include the new world with large amount of Data, Skills, Scalling, Nodes and Smart Contract to create everyday new without visiting anywhere. Semantic Web is a fully freedom based decentralized Blockchain technology to integrade a new data without any permission, owners and databases authorities.

Learn Smart Contract, Nodes, Solidity & Blockchain technology to get more attraction in Computational Intelligence, Mathematics, Algebra, Plotting & Graphics & computing answers and providing knowledge etc.

Anyway, This Fresh new Decentralized Blockchain technology Semantic Web will takes long time to create a new world till year 2025 as a begin. This powerful technology only used by Wolfram Alpha & Apple Siri. The most number role in the Web 3.0 will plays by Smart Contract which works like a IP Address or DNS in new Web3 NFT domain.

The Startup companies, Biggest Data Centres, Search Engines, Software Companies, Web Developers & E-commerce are joining for future of Web3 in year 2025 to introduce about Web3 or Semantic Web.

Thank You!

Written by RKM

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