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How to avoid getting Kidney Stones? : Kidney News

How to avoid getting Kidney Stone and how keep healthy kidney. Sugary Foods, Salt & Salty Foods, Excessive Caffeine, Foods High in Oxalate, Animal Proteins are reason of Kidney Stone and Kidney Failure.


The Kidney Stone passing to be some of the most severe physical pain a person can feels hard experince. Every one may picture someone passing a kidney stone in high excruciating pain while a small rocks moves through their bladder and other body movements. The Kidney Stone are very painful disease for the human, everyone are feels so much paid while Sitting, Get up, Movings and doing Works.

According to docrtors, the Kidney Stone is a one of top painful disease and mostly Peoples experince it so hard physical pains. The main causes of Kidney Stone includes, drinking too little water, Excercise (Too much too little), obesity, weight loss surgery or eating food with too much salt or sugar and maybe some stone particles in the bread or food. the most number of main causes of Kidney Stone belongs to Drinking, eating and food.

How to avoid getting Kidney Stone and how keep healthy kidney?

Maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding certain foods, protect your digestive system and guards against kidney stones. Here are the foods you should avoid or eat in moderation. You can protect your Digestive System to make your kidney more healthy.

These foods you should have to eat or avoid for Digestive system good. The food we given you below to make your diets and eat or avoid.

1. Sugary Foods (Avoid)

Added sugars in proccessed foods and soft drinks increase the risk of developing kidney stones, Kidney Stone disease should limit your intake of sugary foods and soft drinks to protect your kidneys. The Sugary food have a lot of becteria which can be weightness to freeze inside the blood and kidney routes.

2. Salt & Salty Foods (Avoid & Eat)

Sodium is essential for your body, but processed food in Hotel and restaurent contain high level of salt which lead water retention, calcium build-up in urine increased blood pressure and kidney damage. and high level of blood pressure is mosty happens from Salty food and it occurs in those who eat high level salt.

3. Excessive Caffeine (Try Possible to Avoid)

Drinking a lot of coffeine which is found in coffee, tea and energy drinks puts stress on your Kidney and can cause kidney stone and kidney failure. the coffee is a normal drinks who everyone consumes but the risk of Kidney Failure and Kidney Stone are mostly Included in a existing disease of Kidney Stone. You should have to avoid drinking Coffee & Tea in a Summer Weather.

4. Foods High in Oxalate (Try Possible to Avoid)

The most common Kidney Stones are calcium oxalate stones formed when calcium binds with the oxalate in urine. The Oxalate is a chemical naturally present foods like Spinach, almonds, cashews, cocoa, okra & Bran. you should have to limit your intake of these foods or avoid them if you have already suffer from Kidney Stone. The High level or normal level of Calciums Oxalate are risky for the existing normal patiant of Kidney Stones.

5. Animal Proteins (Little Eat & Mostly Avoid)

A high meat intake also puts pressure on your kidney, Because protein waste from meat is hard for your body to get rid of also, remember to drink 8-12 glasses of water a day to help prevent kidney stone and keep your kidney healthy. Every hours your should have to drink almost 1 glass water to make easy of your meat digest.

These are the main reasons to avoid some foods and eat some foods to make your Healthy Kidney. This is a internet based Information and before your doing anything , you should have to visit your Doctors and nearest clinics.

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