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how omicron variant impact on the world? : Omicron Variant 2022

COVID-19 new omicron variant will impact on the global African continents and Omicron has more 5X rate in Viruses Infections rate and high level of serious conditions. The omicron spread around world.


Geneva, Switzerland | World’s most known Disease Coronavirus’s variants like Covid-19 SARS-CoV-2 variant, Covid-19 Strain variant, Covid-19 Delta variant and Covid-19 Omicron the new latest Variant found in South Africa. The world’s 33 Countries have new Omicron variants with 2-12 new cases and recently US, UK, Germany, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe and many African, American or Asian has 2 to 10 number of new first Omicron Variants. The WHO (World health Organization) claims new COVID-19 Omicron variants has more 5X rate in Viruses Infections and high level of serious conditions. Although it claimed by WHO and other Clinical Labs but now not really performed in the any countries where it (Omicron) found first time.

This new omicron variants belongs to African countries, Central African countries pharmaceutical are much low number of hospitals and medicine.

The new omicron variant will impact on the global African continents, we should have to stay at home/country to stop or postpone our international travels to African countries.

This virus belongs to climate change and winter seasons, European countries might be found more next Omicron cases in Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and other countries. The Virus imagine at high spread, infection and conditions rates but not really seen after 7 days in any countries where it found or tested in human.

The Delta variant imagined more high variant of COVID-19 seasons, WHO also claims the Omicron is more faster variants than Delta, Strain and COVID-19 cases of year. The one thing is more common about ‘Low Death Rate‘ in last two variants Delta and new Omicron variants.

The First Dose, Second Dose and Booster doses might helps the human to avoid from latest omicron global transmission rates and public spreads. Only Infection rate of omicron will impacts on the human, where the local transmission of spreading omicron area will be contentment/red zones.

Mostly this omicron variants belongs to Climate Change and winter seasons, the South African, North European and North American countries will be effected by this new Omicron Covid-19 Variants. The recently meeting on the ‘Paris Agreement‘ happened in Le Bourget city France. All covid-19 cases or variants are mostly belongs to Cold and low temperature countries.

World’s new omicron variants found almost 33 countries with 500+ new cases in 72 hours of remaining. The WHO, Country health sectors and Health ministers are warns and In future believes a new global concern for the every countries to wear mask, make distance and use gloves in the red zone of new omicron variants.

The way of avoiding the infections of Omicron variants is more same like UK Strain, Delta and Coorovirus. But All Booster and Covid19 vaccine will be main method of avoid Omicron variants.

Everyone should have follow all the structure of old or existing Covid-19 rules and protocols about Wear Mast, Social Distancing, Wear glove and wash hands. The new omicron variants will be next year’s high infections rates. so we should have to follow all the guidelines of COVID-19 disease to avoid from new Omicron variants.

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