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How California has highest death rate from COVID-19 ? : COVID-19 California

In United States, California has highest death rate from COVID-19 than New York and Texas, but why?

How California has highest death rate from COVID-19 ? : COVID-19 California


LOS ANGELES, CA | In this second wave of COVID-19, California has too high death rate than New York and Texas. In the United States, California is first State which are holding $1 Trillion’s USD and also United State’s first states which have 20% of GDP as a part of United States total economy.

But Still, early Infection rate was very low than new COVID Strain of 2021. New York are have successful in recovering of large numbers of disease than California’s yet. Actually, California holding Most of US populations and high amount of Economy, but somethings California have still failed to fight COVID-19 than other US states.

Every single day we sees, California almost ahead than other states or other COVID-19 suffered country because of high infection rate and large number of population.

These California’s cites have large number of COVID-19 Infection Rate or Cases and Death

  • Los Angeles1,225,796+ (CASES) and 23,493 (DEATHS)
  • Riverside296,090+ (CASES) and 4,481 (DEATHS)
  • San Bernardino & SAN DIEGO (Approximately 1 )+ million Cases of COVID-19 and Death 10,000 patients also have good recoveries than other cities.
COVID-19 (2021) cases and death graph

Actually, this not only in California, but mostly large populated cities, countries and areas are always being a first high disease’s infection rates than small places.

By the way, There was no a perfection about fighting to COVID-19 because too high numbers of new and existing infections or cases and death rate of patient’s hospitalizations.

New York was first one of COVID-19 Containment zone of United States and after long struggle, New York now have low number of Infection, death and cases rates than in March, 2020.

In the first wave of COVID-19 in 2020, California’s cities are not effected like today, because of national wide Lockdown and states wise lockdown, but now in the second strain of COVID-19 California record #1 State of US in the high rate of death, infection and Recoveries.

India mostly supplied CoviShield vaccine to California than other US States. European countries has suspended the vaccine of CoviShield because of external reactions rate then also California had suspended their public use on patients.

California had depends on the Pfizer and Indian vaccines to treat patient of COVID-19 but after the failed or unsuccessful of that Vaccines, California facing much trouble to make disease Healthy from COVID-19 Diseases.

Finally, now Pfizer and Moderna is a popular way for California to fight COVID-19 pandemic and if California will FREE of COVID then its will manufacture for other COVID-19 effected countries.

Now California’s San Francisco, Los Angeles & San Diego have most popular pharmaceutical Hubs around the US.

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