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Fiber Is Better than 5G? Explained

Fiber Is Better than 5G, Which is Better Network between 5G or Fiber, Whom you choose?



Fiber Is Better than 5G? Explained

In the world everyday and every year much technology’s coming out and shows something different and useful to the followers of them.

and we also every day publishing much useful and excellent content on our website and blog, can people motivate about the future technology to connect with us it’s defend on them. it all will be possible when refrain to wrong ways, if many ways of tech and science cleared by much bloggers and publishers to get it in your world, that it will be gorgeous to seeing new world.

Okay today we talks about the new FIBER and 5G World to clear you ways from necessary things, that can make new happiness world for your Internet World. many peoples follows and uses Fiber and each others peoples are waiting for confirm 5G network and features to get the next level of Internet.

In this both method one is in Broadband and LAN Internet like Fiber and each other in Mobile Internet like 5G. many people much follows Internet of mobile than Broadband. and some people at Business and online field, mostly uses for Broadband at their Office, Shop and companies.

for business purposes they use Broadband, at Mobile and social media many people waiting for 5G Internet bandwidth. Maybe you will be someone. finally let’s try what different between 5G or Fiber.

Which is Better Network between 5G or Fiber, Whom you choose?

which network you choose in mobile or fiber, it is just defend on you and also depend on who like fast or secure network. now in the broadband and LAN connection you must choose for Fiber Internet, it can beneficial for you, when you’re connection your all computers and business from same network and for getting All-In-One service. when if your company working for Databases, Websites and online E-stores and commerce then it will most probably choice to make your great thinks and do it fast to manage it. an also for example, when you browse only one secure website and every time in your previous connections you not connected instantly to get the results from their, then can must be connect you to get results and service fast. but in this Fiber connection you will get 100Mbps to 1GBPS Internet speed to recover and get results from easy to your browser instantly. suppose, if any secured website has only 1GBPS of Bandwidth as 100 users, when from their every users getting slow motion of speed then what you would like you reconnect, then if you uses Fiber connectivity their will be faster speed you will get as compares to 99 people’s speed.


If you using 5G Mobile Internet, then it will takes many moment to download much gigabytes of files, but sill this (5G) will better to use in the mobile internet. by the way, 5G Internet Speed is according to Huawei and Ericsson has claims minimum 50Mbit/s to 150Mbit/s, and also AT&T claims through mmWave on the private connections it will takes maximum 1.5Gbit/s on the 5G Network but public speed will be 150Mbit/s if we says to mind.

same that way, Mobiles users on the internet is more than desktop or computer users. and 100/85% peoples will waiting for 5G Network on everywhere but only users of Business purpose will  satisfied in the Fiber more than 5G. The speed of Fiber comes continuously and the speed of 5G is depends on their ISP ( Internet Speed Providers ), because this speed mostly getting by the Towers and will traffic on the server heavily load will to connecting  inside, but many company is trying to reform the Towers and Networks to create a strong speed. by the way, it both are good on their places to connect their peoples fast to the Internet. 5G will best choice for the users of mobiles and Internet to connect everywhere. and Fiber can be good to connected privately.

both are expensive Or Cheap?

by the way, The costs of Fiber at Installation and coverage will from depends on count $1 to $6 per optic count by feet and and the total config charge will be 50% extra on your local Broadband connections, it all installation is depends on wire, Speed, cables, services, Security fees and subscriptions all are depends on the Service Providers and it will be overall complete in between $100 to max-$250 per month, it not really but maybe the prices will down or up. but if we compares to your existing broadband connection it will be takes 68% extra charges.

on the smartphone’s 5G connection, it will be expensive to your Existing Fiber Connection. as compares to 4G Network prices, it will be longer than 4G Plans, because can gives 75% Extra Internet Speed than from 4G also will charge additional 65% growth in price. many ISP has large amount of customer rate and data consumption to stay connected people in early spectrum. if they want to re-forward their customers to 5G or ZTE Network, then it can also charge additionally will grow 60% in Prices. but in their connectivity must retrieve to people and give the joy of 5G to costumer. by the way, normal plan of GSM and WCDMA is good for 4G, but it will increase to 65% additional from early small packs, but still peoples are waiting to take the 5G Service. But, India has RelianceJIO and in United States has  AT&T , China has Huawei and United Kingdom has Vodafone, they can make your Internet plan cheap after the 5G came around the world. now as compares to Fiber Internet, the 5G Mobile Internet can be expensive because will interested, and slowly rate can cheap by provides from many ISP’s.

Thanks for reading.

Last-Update : 17Sep-2020

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