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European debt interest payments could be soar next year, Finance minister says : Germany Finance News

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In the western countries, Russia-Ukraine war and some US sanctions has attacked on the NATO countries and other country of world. In during a session of German Lower house of German perliment in Berlin, The Finance Minister Christian Lindner said or warned the germany authority will be increase the interest on its public in the next few months it will be a big issues for Stocks, Real Estate and other Finance that interest rate could reach 30 billion euros. In the germany, all the debts rising interest rates and growing debt levels of take and unable to re-pay to lenders. The foreign investment or investors including US, UK, Canada, Australia, Arabs of each other countries have Shifted to US Dollar because of recent high Interest in US.

The United States Dollar have increased their in global market where their influence is still increase on all the international banks to catch the all pairs of Currency. In the Germany, Most number of investors have shifted in US or converted thier all money into US dollar to make their profit everyday. The Germany and other European countries are planning to increase the demand of EURO in the world.

The top banks of germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Italy, Spain and Turkey are planning to empower the EURO to increase the Demand in the global market, all those banks fund are borrowed by its national peoples and investors so they want the global payment with EURO to managing each other’s business amid the new Ukraine-Russia criss and other global inflations.

The Government of each other countries in Europe are mostly had a victim of Coronavirus and RussiaUkraine War, their economy through the coronavirus crisis and reapply Germany’s constitutional debt brake next year.

Germany spent 5 billion euros on interest last year, said Lindner, from the business-friendly Free Democrat party, adding that he would resist calls from his coalition partners for increased spending and lendings. The Global inflation are still making a wrong place for everyone about to re-payments of any load or borrows.

“We can’t afford ill-directed subsidies any more,” he said. He listed subsidies for buying electric and hybrid cars that were available even to very high earners as examples of subsidies that should be scrapped.

German loan, european loan, european leding facility will be more expensive for those companies who have big amount of debt in Euro in Europe or other countries.

The Medical, pharma, tech companies and other billionaries have made more profit from the lockdown and Ukraine-Russia war but the normal family are have lost their all fund which those are taken from Banks on lends. Also govt have most number of foreign debt amid the global crisis from each other global banks for their civilians to save them. The German debt interest rate will be increase if their have no high number of exports in EURO than USD. The Quota of Euro will helps the Europe to decrease the national debt interest rate.

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