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Europe might be in lockdown after Covid-19 strain In 2021 : Coronavirus news

Europe might be in lockdown after Covid-19 new strain. UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain will be in Lockdown after the coming out of COVID-19 new strain.


LONDON, UK | In recent days, we reading news regarding #Lockdown in Europe or ether then UK, Germany, France, Italy and more COVID-19 suffered in Year 2019 or 2020. In Europe, AstraZeneca-Oxford have been suspended because of Covishield’s side-effects. Although, Covishield belong to Indian pharmaceutic covid-19 vaccine. After its (AstraZeneca) suspensions may COVID-19 cases will be surge amid no-vaccine for longtime.

Actually, The suspension of AstraZeneca belong to Oxford university, UK, but its may dropped by the European countries amid side-effects from Covishield Indian Covid-19 Vaccine. COVID-19’s Doctors, scientist seems, may like Covishield, AstraZeneca will be effects on the human. In Europe, Many countries might be impose lockdown for good vaccination finding after the suspension of AstraZeneca and Covishield vaccines.

Now, After the more concern in Europe about Covishield vaccine, India will review the vaccine of Covishield. may its (Covishield) takes more longer time to review, good immunity vaccine and treatment.

Click here or (click on the image) to see more about suspensions in EUROPE.

So might these European countries will under in the lockdown amid the concern of India’s CoviShield Covid-19 vaccine may check and review more patient about reactions, effects and any types of treatment tensions.

In Europe, COVID-19 death almost pass 900,000 in the recent report of (TOI) Indian news channel. so it’s have confirmed some countries which are not have any kind of self-made vaccine like AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Spuntik and much vaccines then might European countries will re-impose lockdown on their countries.

Perhaps, British PM (Boris JOHNSON) will impose restriction on UK to keep away to their civilian from public transmission for next wave of covid-19 strain. Germany is a good luck countries whom have BioNtech company where Pfizer vaccine was made from both partnership. France and Italy may impose lockdown back if cases are surge day-by-day from begin to yet.

Good opportunity of Pfizer for europe to vaccinate everyone and get fight winning to COVID-19 from on one of the most popular COVID-19 vaccine. Pfizer who has belong to Germany and America, may they support in doses of covid-19 vaccine to their neighborhood country to help civilians of europe amid suspension of AstraZeneca and Covishield.

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