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EU Parliament agree to implement MiCA for regulating crypto and blockchain technology

World’s top crypto, Gaming & NFT exchange looking to work with MiCA regulation to over european countries. Europe’s largest market in CryptoAssets (MiCA) finally looking to regulate crypto.


The Europe’s largest market in CryptoAssets (MiCA) finally looking to regulate crypto in EU’s selected and top Blockchain technology infrastructure countries who are existing working on the new web3, blockchain and cryptography trading over from last 3 years. The Most popular things was FTX who effected whole MiCA’s regulation rules and market despite big crash of FTX & SMB issues. The MiCA regulations are looking first and final for Stable crypto currencies to work for traders Fiat/Crypto conversion solutions and next all regulation on CryptoCurrencies will be powered by MiCA regulation. European crypto traders are dumped the all of EU based local currencies because of Bitcoin investment, ETH web3 & NFTs and other Decentralized ecosystem purposes.

The MiCA’s fine details will matter, but overall we think this is a pragmatic solution to the challenges we collectively face. There are now clear rules of the game for crypto exchanges to operate in the EU & Other countries from its blockchain technology to accept the payment system of worldwide. A lot International crypto exchanges are ready to compliance under next 18 months into European markets to make a new world of invesments and creating a lot of new things with blockchain and backends of new DApps dfor banking, financial, gaming and institutions hope for the next future of virtual ecosystem.

The world’s top crypto, Gaming & NFT exchange looking to work with MiCA regulation to over european countries.

The European Parliament voted for MiCA to be implemented. The Binance will be implement the MiCA regulations.

After the El-Salvador’s mind changed on USD to Bitcoin, Mostly MiCA regulations was made a lot of research on Blockchain regulation system over the european countries but after the big collapse of Solana Stable coin during FTX collapse they (MiCA) stopped working on its blockchain regulation rules. The total Cryptocurrencies Get First Europe-Wide Regulation into other countries trading or exporting pairs.

Nkw finally, we sees a big hope from MiCA and other europeans country wise perliments to accept the new regulation law of Stable blockchain based CryptoCurrencies to their global reserve at an emergency on any confic or tension on european, they might start their business and finance on Decentralized ecosystes including Solana, ethereum, BNB & Bitcoin Lightning networks.

Top universities of European countries will legalize the learning book or on screen eduction for the top students or institutions. regulators of European top Banking Authority and the European Securities councils and Markets Authority would enforce compliance.

The MiCA rules will tracks that wallets above the 1000 EUR transactions to tax on those or monitor that account who is speding millions of USD on the new technologies. The MiCA an other european countries will make a single initial stable coin to use in the Fiat/Crypto transctions.

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