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DeGod NFT worth 750 Solana got sold under 15 minutes : DeGodNFTs

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World’s top fast blockchain called Solana have a biggest opprotunity of SolanaNFTs and new Solana NFT project of 2023. Solana Blockchain’s top DeGod NFT collection made a first history in selling of their DeGod #8276 NFT in just 15 minutes of listing in MagicEden.

DeGod sold in 15 minutes worth of 750 Sol

The DeGod collection are have a zero number of Royality on the any sales of their Collection’s NFT. The Degod NFT community have a lot of Whitelist, Metaverse and other new projects to spread the community around the world.

Degod NFT became World’s top Deflationary Solana NFT project who features a lot of colourful arts and virtual gods NFTs. The DeGod NFT staking rate has 2% to 5% from begin of DeGod NFTs. Most number of DeGod NFT holders are looking to hold DeGod NFT 1000 SOL floor of DeGod NFTs.

DeGod NFTs DUST protocol coin is taking a best rank in the world’s top solana based NFT ranks.

Degod NFT is in the race of The Solana Monkey Business and Bored Ape Yatch club and Mutant Ape categorised NFTs.

Everyday some DeGod NFT are going to give a blood to StarDUST coin, I mean burning DeGod to gain DUST coin.

recently, most of DeGod holders earned thausands of USD through burning and staking or Selling DeGod NFT in relate prices.

in the future, DeGod NFT will be reach 1000 SOL per 1 DeGod NFTs amid the most burning and staking interest rate of DUST on DeGod NFTs.

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