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Why World are choosing Shibarium, Ethereum 2.0 and Bitcoin Lightning Network? : Global Crypto Payment

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Why World are choosing Shibarium, Ethereum 2.0 and Bitcoin Lightning Network? : Global Crypto Payment

World’s top merchants, shopkeepers, NFTs creators, Metaverse and blockchain based programm creators are looking for the future of reducing crypto fees, best transaction speed and fast approval system to make their payment gateway more faster and easier to use or spread its business around the world. World’s top national shops and internation stores are looking to intergrade their all abroad payments to one wallet from all diffrent countries.

World’s top blockchain developers called Shibarium, Ethereum 2.0 and Bitcoin Lightning Network are looking to make their all different works and cryptography system or payment gateway to increase the payment and fast payments around the world.

Ethereum 2.0 (ETH2.0) is a new version of the Ethereum blockchain that will use a ‘proof of stake‘ consensus mechanism to verify transactions via staking without any extra physical mining Rig or Graphic, That will be pre-built on the Ethereun MainNet chain to integrade the all transction via Ethereum’s different Network and reduce the high gas fees of Ethereun for merchant and payments.

The Ethereum’s Metaverse, NFTs and Web3 developers are facing big issues about Ethereum gas Fees. Most number of tech comapnies and startups are looking to accept the Bitcoin and Ethereum but they worry about proccessing time and Blockchain transctions. The Ethereum team are looking to create a new version of payment proccessingProof Of Staking‘ blockchain to make all tranctions more cheap and faster like Solana (Proof-Of-Stake) Blokchain.

The Shiba inu coin and its team Shibarium is working on the best top Shibarium Layer-2 (Data Link Layer) are blockchain/layer-2 solution first proposed by Ryoshi, for the layer and own Layer 2 is equivalent to the link layer (the lowest layer) in the TCP/IP network model based programm to increase the network speed and transction fees reduces.

The Lightning Network is a network of payment channels, and other custom of Fees and instant transctions; each channel is opened with one transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain. The Network of Lightning Network are more faster for the Bitcoin blockchain to integrade the future’s fast or instant payments service for Merchant, commercial, tourism, Groccery, Club and bars.

Presently, ElSalvador and many US states are using Bitcoin’s lightning network to increase the fast payment service around the Bitcoin ATM payments and online virtual payments.

The Proof-of-Staking (ETH 2.0), Layer-2 TCP/IP network (Shibarium)  and Bitcoin Lightning Instant Network are working more faster to increase the Crypto demand and make its new All Time High Market cap in the small number of gas fees.

These are top project and back-end work for the future of virtual and cryptography payments to everyone can develop anywhere around the world and use it across the global with one single transctions.

The Shibarium is more impartant for the fast network to work with many blockchains including Solana, Ethereum and BNB with Layer 2 TCP/IP wallets and applications.

Bitcoin Lightning Network is working for the payment gateways and payment proccessing system to make instant payments around the world with one single transaction and no cost or BTC fees for the anytime anywhere Bitcoin Lightining Payments.

The Proof-of-stake is a big opprotunity for the community of Ethereum its NFT or Metaverse project to make transction more cheaper and easier in only few minutes. The Ethereum developers is on the way of Solana which is a world’s top Proofofstaking coin to make split transctions easier.  all of that, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Shiba Inu will be most popular coin of the future to work the faster and instant around the globe.



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