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Why Crypto Crash and How Bitcoin & Ethereum will make a new ATH of 10X in October 2022 : BitcoinCrash 2022

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World’s best and top popular virtual currency called Bitcoin and Ethereum are soon to save your worth and increase your profit in the next few month of year 2022. Most number of Bitcoin Liquidation for lending are coming and deposited by borrowers of Bitcoin.

World’s top centralized crypto name ‘Celsius‘ exchange of lending, borrowing and margin trade to integrade the liquadity of Bitcoin to increase the price crypto market cap upto 10 Billion USD. The all new and old Crypto Exhanges are creating ‘plan C’ to create the best price of Bitcoin back to $50,000 in little time of BitcoinCrash.

All that happened in the crypto, Stock and Real Estate from the high Inflation rate and increase of USD interest rate in the US white House. World’s all kind of Business are facing big issues about foregn Reserve currency (USD) to trading and gettting more loss in the local currency to United States Dollar.

UkraineRussia War, Interest rate of a reserve currency and Inflation rate are making a big Crypto market Crash in all Digital Assets and Commodities.

The Bitcoin has dropped almost 85% from $69,000 to $20,000 in 6 month accidental crashes. The most top peak price investors are have taken their short money from Bitcoin because large amount of Borrowing & Lending rate of Bitcoin and they just leaven with their money about the fear of big Crypto Crash and also that too happened.

Most number of Bitcoin holders are holding but still some peoples are waiting for best profitable bottom for the future of Bitcoin. The $20,000 to $18,000 was a big best bottom for the lossers who can invest back that money to cover the all averages and losses of peak bought. But still there is no limit of falling and increase because is a decetralized system who not handled by anyone.


The risk is so high and stock can be stopped by owner but it’s not stopped by any owners of Creators.


How Bitcoin will reach $100K in 2022.

Bitcoin need almost 75 Billion of Total worth of Lending and borrows on different crypto exchanges. The inflation rate and empower of USD dollar will always decrease the value of Gold, Silver and Crypto.

The Bank of Canada and Bank of America Aland many crypto friendly banks are supporting Bitcoin regulation system in their country or future of Blockchain technology.

The institution have lost their more than 75% worth of total crypto holding but still they want all the dip of crypto currency to buy and hold for the future of Cryptography.

The poor and rich countries are still looking about an Decentralized payment systems to increase the value of its foreign reserves than an international physical currency like USD.

MicroStrategy, ARK Investing and BlackRock are planning to invest in Blockchain or Proof-of-work to keep away the centralized rules and conditions amid increasing of new Web 3.0 Decentralized world.


el-Salvador and Brazil and other countries are planning to take a Fiat or Forex loan to hold Bitcoins for the future of $100K in year 2022 or 2023. Bitcoin Whales, Ethereum Whales are planning buy and hold the Bitcoin and Ethereum to make an world record millions of Supply.

Nearly $103 Million worth of MicroStrategy’s #Bitcoin has been liquidated amid massive $BTC sell-off below $21,000 support. The liquidation of Bitcoin are every hour increasing where the Bitcoin will return back to $50K to above.

Crypto exchanges named Binance, Coinbase, Robinhood and Celcius are planning to buy more dip to create the best way of lending and earning Source on their platforms.

So finally, Bitcoin may reach $100K in the year 2022, as per the technical analysis of bitcoin’s history.



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Written by RKM

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