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Who is real father of Bitcoin than Satoshi Nakamoto? : Why bitcoin created history

Who Real father of Bitcoin than Satoshi Nakamoto? : Why bitcoin created using C++ programming language and who is creator of Bitcoin. Bjarne Stroustrup has top owner of crypto in the making of new technology for the digital software, technology and science. Genesis Block, SourceForge and C++ programming language makes bitcoin great digital asset.


Who is real father of Bitcoin than Satoshi Nakamoto? : Why bitcoin created using C++ programming language and who is creator of Bitcoin.

A most research are says Bitcoin will be created in year 1980 or 1950 or amid gold and other inflation, mostly businessman like Ford company CEO want to make their all money from physical to digital as computer and blockchain technology. The most popular developers like Bjarne Stroustrup, Guido van Rossum and other secret developers were planned about any name of Crypto, vitrual and Digital currency to save their all money from governance taxes in any world war times or gold compete.

But finally Satoshi nakamoto was one of popular secret person to make a decentralized public crypto currency called Bitcoin on a whitepaper in the year 2008.

The Bitcoin has assets of Digital, Virtual and cryptocurrency where it can be used for every electronic peer-to-peer transaction without any permission of government and owner. many developers had many hard to make their all money into a secret end-to-end encrypted currency than physical U S dollar and other banking permitted digital transaction like UPI, WireTransfer and other ATM based transactions.

Many millions of billionaires are putting their all money into the many Secret places, But Bitcoin one of top Public DeFi, decentralized and 24X7 timing assets where now the world are going make their all money into the crypto with Bitcoin contract address.

Bitcoin has all their features into world for Mining, Contract Addresses, Wallets, DeFi and etc in only a computer or server side assets to easily everyone can do this to sell, buy, mine, provide technology to each other without any permission of owner like Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin has all features in the public hand to do anything and also Satoshi Nakamoto stepped down in 2011 from their CEO/Admin of Bitcoin.

Who is real bitcoin creator or father of Bitcoin?

Although, The creating of Bitcoin or other virtual currency already planned by the Bjarne Stroustrup who is a developer of a C++ programming languages at the computer science. As same, Satoshi Nakamoto has been used the C++ programming language mostly in the development of Bitcoin electronic cash system.

Now, the world is knowing Bitcoin as a Decentralized, the Decentralized has a option for every developer to put a new strategy for making a beautiful decentralized world. Bjarne Stroustrup was a one of top person who supported the new world of digital assets like Computer, Mobiles and other developer Operting system with backed by C++ programming language. Satoshi Nakamoto created a electronic payment system for the freedom and decentralized world, but Bjarne Stroustrup has a owner of Decentralized world but they can’s be a admin of Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and other digital assets because of making a fully decentralized world one time.

Development of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto. 

On 9 January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto released version 0.1 of the bitcoin software on SourceForge, and launched the network by defining the genesis block of bitcoin (block number 0), which had a reward of 50 bitcoins. The price has cofirmed first when the public Bitcoin software deployed first time by Satoshi Nakamoto, In July 2010 Bitcoin started trading from around $0.0008 to $0.08 per coin by digital Bitcoin contract address.

Bitcoin first mined on the Genesis Block in 2009. Bitcoin developer Satoshi Nakamoto created the Genesis Block and Genesis Block forms the foundation of the Bitcoin trading system is the prototype of all other blocks in the Bitcoin blockchain. it seems Genesis Block used C++ mostly to develop the program of first instance of a proof-of-work blockchain system.

Without C++ machine language, anything is not possible to do for the digital as same, Satoshi Nakamoto used C++ programming language for the backed digital programming of Bitcoin on a white paper technology.

The C++ machine language has covered 75% of all digital assets with large amount of daily trades, advertisement, DeFi and other assets because world is nothing without Internet or Internet currency.  Amazon, Apple, Microsoft Windows, Android, Softwares, Application, Space computer, Scientist and developers are still supported by C++, C and C# language to make the world better.

In the digital transactions, C++ programming plays more key role in the Bitcoin at the time of digital transaction protocols. so, we believes the Bitcoin technology has placed old version of begin, but now in the new digital world of future bitcoin will be one top assets.



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