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What price prediction of Terra (Luna 2.0) new coin? : Terra (LUNA)

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What price prediction of Terra (Luna 2.0) new coin? : Terra (LUNA)

The Terra (LUNA) creators are planned about the LUNA 2.0 LunaRecoveryLoss plans to create best brand which crashed a lot of precentage. The Terra created UST and LUNA with large amount of Supply and DeFI token to Stablecoin with UST but goes fails with high votality of market in only under 2 week from $200 to $0.10 USD.

The AnchorProtocols, TerraUSD (UST) and LUNA planning to bring back LUNA to the moon for those who lost their all value in the only hoding of Terra Community coins. Terra Blockchain also impacted all the Terra Blockchain based or made by Terra coins in the same time from moon to the earth all of their prices and values amid USD interest rates.

LUNA assets are seems they creating LUNA 2.0 to make new stablity and supply solution of all assets of Terra Blockchain. The AnchorProtocol (ANC) helps the Terra Blockchain for the best support amid biggest crash in Terra Blockchain’s history.

LUNA creators are making limited supply in Billions than Trillion of Luna Supplies. In the March 2022, LUNA token supplies were limited at less than 2 Billion LUNA coin with best $200 per LUNA values.

Binance says, 10K old LUNA will be equal to 1 New LUNA 2.0 coin. The AnchorProtocol, UST and other Terra Blockchain Based DeFi &  other coins are planning create a new value of Terra Blokchain by creating LUNA 2.0 plan.

LUNA will give almost 10 to 100 Giveaway to those who have all time holding Terra Blockchain’s coin or Luna coin. All the Terra (Luna) coin price will be pump between $2 to 20 as a first time Supply deduction in Luna 2.0 Recovery plan of Terra Blockchain Creators.

The Increasing Supply of a DeFi coin was a wrong idea for an StableCoin community, but they are doing more hard work to keep their Terra Blockchain’s holder and creators future for the new stablecoins. Terra (LUNA) and TerraUSD (UST) are stablecoins that were launched in 2018 by Terraform Labs, a South Korean company run by Do Kwon. The main objective was to build an algorithmic stablecoin in which Terra (LUNA) would be burnt each time Terra (UST) loses its 1:1 peg to the dollar and vice versa.

What is stablecoin algorithmic of Terra (LUNA)?

The Terraform lab made an plan about stablecoin algorithmic but gone failed amid creating large amount of new coin TerraUSD supply and descreased all the demand of Terra (LUNA) coin in the global market at risk.

The Terra communities all Bitcoin, BNB, Ethereum, Terra holding gone wrong when they created BTC/UST pairs as a first time in the global market and all the top crypto billionaries portofolio’s saw $0.0 from large amount of Terra (LUNA) holdings.

Zhao & Binance community also lost more amount of investments of $20 Billion USD in their only Terra (LUNA) holding and too have got loss in the other coin of Terra Blockchains.

The Terra (LUNA) new plan will be going to successful when they will make a limited Supply, Liquidation, Terra Blockchain, DeFi and etc to improve a new best quality of 1 Million Terra Blockchain’s holders choice of Terra (LUNA) coins.

The Terra’s old LUNA coin will be burned in instead of equal 10K LUNA to 1 LUNA in the plan LUNA 2.0 in recent new launching and old LunaBurns. The new LUNA 2.0 supply will be descrease upto 10,000X as a first time with big deccision of Terra Creators.

What is the price prediction of Luna or LUNA 2.0?

The new LUNA 2.0 coin price will be approximately $10 to $25 from starting. and if there any airdrop, giveaway of new LUNA 2.0, then instead of that it new price will be reach $2 to $10 instead of $100 or more.

The Creators are planning to create LUNA with coopration of all Terra Blockchain coins and creators to make new value of its blockchain based StableCoin algorithmic coin to its best value to give long term value to all that tokens.

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Written by RKM

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