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WazirX’s new Blockchain Project Shardeum will be top WRX Project in 2022 : WazirX Shardeum News

Shardeum is a Top Blockchain project of WazirX, create Layer 1 Blockchain network, Security, Scalablity, Web 3.0 & reduce Gas Fees. NASA’s Engineer Backed Shardeum Split Blockchain for Decentralization.


WazirX’s new Blockchain Project Shardeum will be top WRX Project in 2022 : WazirX Shardeum News

In the recent Indian Government’s move on CryptoCurrency Gain Tax and Crypto Regulation in India. the most Popular Indian Crypto Exchange going to increase the Blockchain Solid Security, scalability amid the world’s top new users approximately 1 Billion are will be added in Crypto Industry.

In the 2022, World’s 1 Billion Investors are will be joins the new technoogy and Digitial Financial Platform to include more Scale for Users and Security. India have world’s top Crypto users and the most number of users mean 75% new users will be join the Crypto Exchanges and WazirX CEO or WazirX community are adding new scalability & Security new users to make the world’s top incredible Decentralizations.

The Shardeum created by a former NASA’s Engineer (Omar Syed) with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and WazirX CEO (Nischal Shetty) are Joins a new Blockchain 1 Layer Decentralized Project to scale and start the new blockchain Transaction’s lengh with Fast, Secure and Scalable.

Shareum is a new platform for Sharding technology means, Sharding helps Spit Blockchain infrastructure into smaller pieces in a attempt to Scale the network faster in less time. This new Layer 1 Blockchain Scalling Technology of Shardeum will helps the enew Infrastructure of Blockchain technology for each other Crypto Exchnages and other Platforms.

in order to scale a blockchain, increasing the block size or decreasing the block time by reducing the hash complexity is not enough. In other words, the Solana blockchain can currently guarantee only12,000 transactions per second.

Sharding essentially helps increase block spaces with spilt layer for more transactions and reduces gas fees. The WazirX and other crypto exchanges will be use Shardeum to create a layer class Blockchain technology to stable the transaction speed and reduce the crypto high gas fees.

Indian Decentralized authority are growing every day with adding new technology of Web 3.0, NFTs, Metaverse and Blockchain to include more future to Decentralized world.

In india, mostly startups companies will joins the Shardeum’s sharing technology to connect the scalablity of network for high amount of transaction per second when India’s millions of users will involved Crypto Market in 2022.

The Shardeum project of WazirX will helps the future of Web 3.0 of India, the Sharding Network will help the community of make the new internet of world.

Ethereum’s EVM based Shardeum Decentralized platforms will helps the crypto community to transfer, buy, sell the assets through the less gas fees and fast transactions of everyday.


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