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WazirX CEO will be next richest man in India 2024 : WazirX Exchange News

WazirX Crypto Exchanges next richest company in India, WazirX CEO will top richest man in India in 2024. Crypto Regulation & Rules, NFTs, Metaverse, Web 3.0 & Blockchain technology in India.


WazirX CEO will be next richest man in next year in 2022 or 2023, WazirX India’s largest Crypto Exchange with all the features of Freedom for Crypto Traders.

WazirX CEO Will next top Richest man in India after Binance CEO ChangPeng Zhao In Asia. As per the side of Indian Crypto Exchange mostly number of Users are from India and using WazirX which is a Binance Backed Crypto Exchange in India. Our reasearch and Discovers the WazirX CEO will be Next top Richest which a Successfull Person of India for Supporting the Crypto Community or Trades in India amid a Indian Crypto Ban In India. WazirX have large amount of Traffic and Indian Crypto traders rate and Also India have most number in the world in top Crypto Countries. WazirX Social platforms are creating more Advaced Features in India for Festivals, New Years, Financial day and many etc.

WazirX claims the 5,500,000 USD in WazirX wallet for Crypto Traders and this data more old because of Govt’s recent ban on Bitcoin in India. Most number of Indian Crypto Investors are feels so wrong about Indian Ban on Crypto.

WazirX Supports the Indian Traders About Ban on Crypto, Regulation and other Indian pressures on the Crypto, and tells Don’t be panic Everytime. The Binance Is world’s top Crypto Exchange in World and mostly Binance Famous in Europe and America.

WazirX is backed by Binance whose CEO is Asia’s richest man without licences & Headquarters and without bank account for holdings. The customers of WazirX has top than CoinSwitch, CoinDCX and Unocoin.  The WazirX have included all features of Rights at use of CryptoCurrency in legal ways because CoinDCX have not provided Coin Withdrawal options for INR to Coin traders.

India has world top CryptoCurrency investors, but the Indian government are still not agree for the regulation rules of CryptoCurrency use in India. The WazirX team is always posts everyday new Crypto related achievement in world to empower the virtual currencies.

WazirX team will focus for the future’s Web 3.0 technology to spread the world of Internet. 

WazirX have also their own token named WRX in the BSC Blockchain to where spreading the market cap in india. The new technology of NFTs, Metaverse & Blockchain are growing fast in Asian, American and European countries to make new world so perfect.

The WazirX is a India’s first own successful CryptoCurrency exchange than other Crypto exchanges. In early year, WazirX paid 200 Crores of Tax at Indian Government in 2021.

WazirX is the first Indian app who pays large amounts of Income Tax and GST for adding money into CryptoCurrency wallets of wallet from UPI, MobiKwik and other payment gateways.

WazirX has listed approximately 100+ Crypto Currencies and the capacity belongs to $30Billion of total market cap of India. WazirX is a first Wallet whom listing every new currencies in its platforms of WazirX in USDT, INR and BTC pairs. WazirX will include more future based technology likes NFTs, Metaverse & Blockchain to make the new future of CryptoCurrency investors in India.

WazirX is India’s top CryptoCurrency exchange with 9 Million users of Desktop & Apps. As per the view of Binance CEO and Changepeng Zhao, The WazirX CEO will be next top richest man in the India.


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Written by RKM

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