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Top 5 memecoin, NFTs, Meta & altcoins of year 2022 : 1000X Altcoin 2022

Top 5 new 1000X meme, NFTs, MetaVR to invest in 2022 to earn more profit in year 2022. UBI soft, Sony Games, Xbox, Walmart, Amazon, Google and many companies will add Bitcoin in year 2022. Top 5 Tokesn of year 2022, including Shiba, Safemoon, Kishu, babyDoge, Sand&Gala and Saitama.


Top 5 memecoin & altcoins of year 2022 with 1000X Altcoin in 2022. these are next Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Matic, Solana coins in 2022.

World’s are mostly increasing the thoughts of holding about cryptocurrencies by investing $10 or $5 for holding less than one year to earn more than 1000X profit by world’s fresh new Memecoin, NFT, MetaVerse & Ecosystems. today we show you top coins of year 2022, to increase your worth till the end of year 2022 with 1000X profit at hoding of 1 year.

Terra, AxieInfinity, Bitcoin, Solana, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin and PolygonMatic are mostly performed in the year 2021. A new wave of altcoin will coming soon for the all small Memecoin or Altcoins holder in year 2022. The Crypto investors are wants to holds a valueble crypto currencies which belongs to <$0.1 or less price at the present time of year 2022 in Janaury.

Top 5 Altcoin or Memecoin to invests or hold for making 1000X profit in year 2022.

1)  BabyDoge coin (BabyDoge)

World’s top holder of Baby Dogecoin are mostly have more attractive like Shiba in less time which Shiba inu have passed 500K holders in only 6 month of Remaining. and same like it, BabyDoge coin is top performed coin after Dogecoin and Shiba Inu because of high number of holding with 900K contract Addresses. In the Memecoins and Altcoin, BabyDoge will be top coin in the popular coins on the Ethereum blockchains. BabyDoge has been SkyRocked Coin in the three time where it jumped for more profit in year 2021. World’s top businessman (Elon Musk) are promoting Baby Dogec coin after Dogecoin in the past year. Elon Musk wants to make Dogecoin more perfect for all payment methods on the Doge blockchain but BabyDoge coin will helps the Dogecoin community to make dogecoin more faster with Baby Doge coin’s Ethereum blockchain. Shiba Inu coin recently competed with Doge coin Killer and been successful, But Elon Musk want to kill Shiba inu using Baby Doge coin in 2022. new Baby Doge coin gained 5000% in year 2021 with the price of $0.000000004049 from $0.000000000189 till year 2022.

2)  Saitama coin ($SAITAMA)

$SAITAMA is a medium for transactions and a monetary system on its own, with a smart coding that benefits loyal holders with rewards and protection from whales (big wallet holders) toxic actions. 2% of every transaction with $SAITAMA is deducted and redistributed to our pool of holders.

As A interesting topic, Saitama holders are mostly belong to top big whales who will be make Saitama inu to the moon in year 2022. The Pool miner and holder of Pool will get more profit with Saitama than Shiba inu and other memecoin of 2022. Saitama inu is a future’s top finance coin where everyone can earn more million of Profit till end of year 2022. these top crypto exchanges are already listed new Saitama inu coin on their BitMart, LBank, MEXC, ZT, Poloniex,, Sushiswap, HotBit & LATokenSaitama Inu preparing for listing on the CoinBase, Binance and other top largest smart crypto Exchange in Year 2022.

3)  Safemoon coin ($SAFEMOON)

Safemoon is a top oldest memecoin who have 3.2 Million holders which more high than other coins like Shiba inu, Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other top coin. Safemoon coin will performs in year 2022 with millions of % for next profit of holders because of all technical maitenance for SafemoonSwap and other ecosystem of WhitePaper works are been succesfull which same happened with Shiba Inu when Shiba was in under Development from August 2020 to August 2021. Safemoon holders gained more profit in April 2021 when the Safemoon Market Cap reached $250 Million USD. Shiba inu were have an two top projects named BONE & LEASH in under developement which made by Shibtoshi Nakamoto in year 2021.

According to WhitePaper of Safemoon, the new HANK project 2022, SFM V2 Contracts 2022, Token burn 2022, DeFi Tokens, SafeMoon Exchange 2022 and Ecosystem Growth Fund 2022 might support the new SkyRocket of Safemoon coin in the 2022. As per the view of Safemoon holder, The Safemoon community will make the new ATH of Safemoon by their new top projects, Listing and Token Burn.

4)  Kishu Inu coin ($KISHU)

World’s next Floki Inu coin named Kishu inu Coin will begin a new pump of year 2022. The Kishu Inu coin listed on many crypto exchanges like, UniSwap V2, LBank, Bitrue, HotBit, Bitmart, LAtoken, AEX and Poloniex exchanges. In the recent price development of Kishu Coin seems next Shiba in year 2022 with top price explode. Kishu Inu’s Total Number of Supply is 100 Billion Kishu its more less than Shiba, Safemoon and BabyDoge. 

The Kishu Inu is an addition to the ever-growing list of dog meme cryptocurrencies. The project is decentralized and supported by a community that aims to grow the token together in 2022. You can visit any exhchanges to buy or Swap any coins using MetaMask or any Blockchain wallet. the price of Kishu Inu predicted as $0.01 till year 2023 but Safemoon, Shiba Inu and many Memecoin will not $1 till end of 2025 because of world’s has only $100 trillion USD in Circulations. If all memcoins will burns 75% coins or maximum supply then it will be possible to reach $1 till year 2025.

As per top Decentralized Community of Kishu Inu coin, Mostly Developers & miners are using Kishu inu coin to make more attractions in the price and security of development for fast trasnaction systems.

5)  SandBox  ($SAND) & Chromia ($CHR) Other MetaVerse & NFTs coins 2022.

The top MetaVerse & NFTs tokens are taking a big place in the crypto world with large amount of market cap in year 2022. The MetaVerse & NFTs project will make new Market Cap of $5 Trillion USD till year 2025. SandBox gaming, GalaVerse Gaming, and other Meta VR technology coins will become next top coins in year 2022 the new APENFTs & Other NFTs coins will include more Technology and other assets in the existing Crypto Market place. VR (Virtual Reality) platforms are being a new race to beat other market of Memecoin, Altcoins in year 2022. Meta VR 3d is a Fresh new added technology in Decentralized Market of CryptoCurrencies. Buy and Hold Meta and GalaVerse Gaming or VR token to take more profit as per the position of new technology in blockchain systems of new worlds. The All Fiat/Forex transactions will be ended till 2025 amid a new dozen of new Crypto Investors or existing holders of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Shiba or other new 2022 based crypto memecoin of new year.

All new tokens are providing new technology for the specific coins of memecoin and Altcoin, Payment System, Meta VR, NFTs, Blockchain and many technologies are use new technology into their all digital platforms. UBI soft, Xbox, Oracle, Nintendo, Epic Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment and many will migrate their all products and services of year 2022.

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