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These country & Companies are big supports for the Cryptocurrencies world : Top cryptocurrency 2022

These are the top Financial, Play & win, learn, ecosystem, blockchain, mining, payment system, meme token, reward, NFTs,VR Meta, future’s technology. dubai Accept Bitcoin and these investors are Supporting Bitcoin and blockchain technology to make a new NFTs, Meta and Blockchain world.


These country & Companies are big supports for the Cryptocurrencies world : top cryptocurrency ecosystem 2022

How the world is going to create a new world using Blockchain technology, NFTs and MetaVerse to grow the new digital and virtual so creative. The cryptocurrencies world are most popular and 24X7 technology to use over the internet with Decentralized world. New Cryptocurrencies related recent companies and communities like Microstrategy, Tesla, Orale, Meta, Galaxy Digital Holdings, Voyager Digital LTD, Square Inc, Marathon Digital Holdings Inc, Coinbase Global, Inc, Bitcoin Group SE.

The world’s new great companies and countries accepting Bitcoin Blockchain technology and Ecosystem, to create a new DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, Virtual currencies and Meta VR technologies. The new NFTs, VR and Ecosystem are more powerful field to empower a world’s new digital technology great.

These companies and countries are top support for the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in year 2022.

Recently, UAE Wealth Fund Mubadala Investing in Crypto Ecosystem, Top bank of Germany Bank SparkAsse planning to allow customers to buy/sell and HODL, Elonmusk’s new strategy for digital Independent currency, Miami Mayor will take part of his $401(k) in #Bitcoin, Florida wants to let businesses pay their state fees with #Bitcoin and also The City of Jacksonville (Mississippi) will soon give this option to their employees and many companies are going to increase their digital payment system so beautiful to increase the world range in cryptocurrencies. recently UAE’s top company (Mubadala Investing ) going to create a own Wealth Funds of $249 Billion to make the new world of Blockchain ecosystem to scaling, investing, software and blockchain technology.

ElSalvador is a one of top Bitcoin friendly or Bitcoin owner in the investment and trade or local tender after Satoshi stepping, Actually ElSalvador is a Bitcoin owner in Holding not in Development, programming and ecosystem. In the future, Belarus, Ukraine, ElSalvador, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela, Anguilla, Iran, Panama and other more European and African countries to involve cryptocurrency in commodities to fight Inflation, rescission and against future corruptions.

Top 10 Bitcoin, NFTs, Meta technology investors, trader, companies, and corporations or holders technology users in 2022. 

  1. Tesla, SpaceX & Elon Musk.
  2. Microstrategy, Bank Of America and Nasdaq.
  3. SparkAsse Bank and Mubadala investors.
  4. The City of Jacksonville & Florida
  5. UK, Canada, US new ETFs by Government.
  6. ElSalvador, US, Paraguay and Ukraine.
  7. Stocks and Shopping site to become next bitcoin accepted.
  8. Bitcoin Mining, Gaming technology , NFTs, VR (Virtual Reality) and Meta technology.
  9. GameFi, DeFi, Ecosystem and Oracle Databases are more empowered technology by Internet.
  10. Play & Earn, Betting, reward, Lottery and bonus all in crypto.

These are the top Financial, Play & win, learn, ecosystem, blockchain, mining, payment system, meme token, reward, NFTs,VR Meta, future’s technology. In the further time, Almost Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFTs, Meta technology can helps the world to works with ‘Digital Proof Of owner‘, ‘Digital Decentralized currencies‘,  modified multi-business Databases technology, Oracle companies and other many digital platforms.

These Microsoft, Alphabet, Google, Facebook and Apple companies are existing customer of VR MetaVerse, Oracle databases to processing Payment, Multi Task Business, Analyzing, Data Scaling and other Internet Decentralized and Centralized source to improve a quality of Service for the future of world.

The next for the digital payment system, Microsoft, UbiSoft, Play station, Apple US, Amazon US, Saudi Aramco, Target, Walmart, Craigslist, IBM, Berkshire Hathaway, Sales force, eBay and other E-Commerce, Finance, Investment, Software development, payment gateways, foreign translations, funds and digital fund technology.

The world’s is going to accept the crypto payment gateway with Advertising company and other marketing company for fast service around the world. As per a View of new technology, 15% World’s top companies are exiting user of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shib and Litecoin.

Bitcoin & Shiba inu is a one of top coin or token where the most number of Companies, communities are accepting for payment, investing and trading.

These coin are top assets in year 2022.

These coins are going to make a new ATH (All time high) as per blockchain Scanner and technical views, Shiba inu, Safemoon, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, eCash, AxieInfinity, Gala, Sandbox, Mana, Polygon and Litecoin. There these  all coins are belong to all the industry of NFTs, Meta VR, Blokchain, Paymentgaming and other digital platforms to make a new world wide best choice at holding, investing and trading forever.


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