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STEPN (GST) & (GMT) token price prediction of 2022 Sneaker NFT reach $100 in 2023 : Green Metaverse Token (GMT)

STEPN, GST, GMT and next is SolanaNFT will help the Green Metaverse Token to increase the predicted price of $100 will reach in year 2023. Buy GMT, GST or STEPN and Start earn reward by Fitness, Walk, Running and gym or excecises.


STEPN (GMT) token price prediction of 2022 Sneaker NFT reach $100 in 2023 : Green Metaverse Token (GMT)

World’s top Sneaker NFT based new Green Metaverse token called ‘STEPN‘ or ‘GMT‘ everyday jumping and increases the price per token with best profitable numbers. STEPN crypto token is first move-to-earn health and fitness application coin to earn and move outdoor to earn the NFTs rewards.

STEPN has made by Dual empower of Green Satoshi Token (GST) & Green Metaverse Token (GMT) to increase the value of token by 3 specific projects with 6 Billion GMT token supplies and highest in circulations.

GMT (Green Metaverse Token) or STEPN or GST (Green Satoshi Token) token has beautiful and top popular features with Mobile application, Sneaker NFT, Move and Earn, Rental system, In-app NFT marketplace, In-app swap, In-app decentralized wallet, Governance, Staking reward, Accrual of protocol revenue and etc.

What is STEPN, GST and GMT?

STEPN is first health and fitness app with sneakers NFT can move outdoor to earn tokens. The Sneaker NFT can be upgraded with different types, qualities, and sockets. The first dual-token system made in only STEPN, GST and GMT based tokens. The project of GMT or STEPN aims to inspire millions of people to a healthier lifestyle, connect them to Web3 and combat climate change. STEPN offers a lot of gamification offers and features in-app and such as sneaker leveling, shoeminting, mystery boxes, NFT customization, and social interactions.

The STEPN, GST (Green Satoshi Token) and GMT (Green Metaverse Token) has a lot of Fitness and health related tokenizations and you can easily earn rewards and NFTs by outdoor walking and holding a minimum one piece of GMT or STEPN tokens.

The STEPN community has approximately 300K followers on the twitter and many engagements. The most number of NFTs are given aways from the GMT and STEPN community in the first month of launching year.  GMT community now running a lot of features in Turkey and Europe about its projects and NFTs giveaways in recent week of April 2022.

Everyday thausands of peoples are joining the Discord of STEPN community and active users are grows rapidly amid the price of GMT token are increases.

In Gym, Fitness, walks, running are more important to earn free GMT tokens and Sneakers NFTs by STEPN community. The Stake of GMT and APY of GMT’s are increasing upto 300% to 500% in the next week of new NFTs launched.

The Solana plays a big role in one in this projects where the 1 million worth of SOLANA in GMT burned and bought back started, STEPN, GST, GMT and next is SolanaNFT are helps the new Green Metaverse Token community to increase the wealth of holders and creators of GMT & Sneaker NFTs.

The finally, STEPN, GST or GMT tokens is world’s top famous and popular token in last 2 month of remaining and the Token price are everyday increasing with the big burn & drop of Supply and NFTs where Earn Reward, Make money, Start creating NFTs, make your Fitness apps and monitor the health to earn free NFTs and STEPN tokens.

The STEPN and GMT is a fitness and Health based token to earn more tokens at home without investing anything and start fitness at home or walk to earn NFTs and STEPN token rewards. Create own GMT or Fitness related mobile Decentralized Apps to cover the all tokens in free with big amount of rewards.

What is price prediction of STEPN, GST or GMT token ?

As per the growth of price and SneakerNFTs, the GMT token have 3 special features and projects like NFTs, Buy & Back, Shoe NFTs, Earn Rewards, Fitness & Health, Earn token by doing fitness, create own Fitness Decentralized Apps. The price predicted of GMT and STEPN are approximately $100 till end of 2022, the project are fast growing and may it will reach $10 in mid of year 2022. The SolanaNFTs are helps the STEPN or GMT community to increase the value of NFTs and drop the maximum supply of STEPN tokens.


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