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shiba token 99% supply burned confirmed, how shiba will reach $1? : Shiba inu coin burn

Shiba inu coin price prediction 2023 will reach $1 and robinhood lists shib, Jason Darulo holds shib, shannon bray US candidate and TikTok support shib, Shib accepted on the restaurant in europe, Shiba market capacity will be $200 billion till 2022, Shiba inu coin will be listed soon on Gemini and Robinhood same time.


Shiba inu token 99% supply burned confirmed, how shiba reach $1? : Shiba inu coin burn

Shiba coin is A World’s top success meme coin and world’s top popular coins with +750K holders and 5 million transfers with large amount $25 Billion market capacity. in the recent day, Shiba inu coin recorded a daily $15 Billions of USD in a day with price increase of 200% in 1 week.

Shiba inu is a first top coin with all their own assets like Swap, Wallet and low transaction fees. Shiba inu made a Japanese developer ‘Ryoshi Research’ and it is meme coin but working fast, easy and secured payment now it tell as Payment Coin and Dogekiller with beaten Dogecoin Market capacity only in recent week.

The trade of Shiba inu happening between 21 Trillion shiba to 18 Trillion shiba inu coin then you might have a question about 1,000 trillion of total max supply, In the recent days Shiba inu coin added a new record to beat billions of USD market capacity like LG, NISSAN car company and also beaten to Dogecoin market capacity in only 2 weeks of time.

In the month from September 2021 to October 2021, Shiba price jumped almost 700% in 3 weeks of each other months. Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a token that aspires to be an Ethereum-based alternative to Dogecoin (DOGE), the popular memecoin. Unlike Bitcoin, which is designed to be scarce, SHIB is intentionally abundant — with a total supply of one quadrillion. the supply of total Shiba inu coin belongs to 1 QuadTrillion, but now the supply in April 2021 and now yet October 2021, almost deducted with recent coin burns as per often time within price increases.

Coin burn was a way for the Shiba community, that finally happened in recent by recent coin burn to manage the price pump. many developers, ETH miners and investors already seemed about Price pump because they needs a coin burn to list RobinHood Exchange, Coinbase and other Turkish crypto exchanges.

In Recent days, Coinbase, WazirX, Huobi Global, Bitmart, Binance and many other exchanges hangs up because of high traffic rate and investor of daily billions of Euro, British pounds, Japanese Yen, United States Dollar trades . Shiba inu coin now confirmed the first new All time high under 1 month of October.

The Shiba inu holded by most billionaires, community, developers and Ethereum Miners where most of Shiba Transaction was very faster than other meme based coin like Dogecoin. The Circulation of Shiba inu so fast to make any payment in the world easily and also Ethereum CEO already burned 60% of total Shiba inu supply in Q2 seasons of year 2021.

The Shiba community automatically burning millions of Shiba inu coin per day where they want to burn shiba coin and make a limited value of their assets.

Shiba Inu coin soon to listed on Robinhood, but before listing Robinhood Shiba inu coin first listed on a biggest crypto exchange or Shiba Inu coin list on Gemini crypto exchange.

How Shiba inu (Shib) coin will reach $1 till year 2023?

Shiba inu coin will reach $1 till the year 2023, where the most of Supply burned in these week and now that circulation supply has a lot of traffic of Buyers and Seller to cover money or invest money for the Shiba Future. American songwriter, Jason Darulo holds billions of Shiba inu token from April 2021, the 24 hours of Market volume increases almost 215% its more high than other coins or token like Bitcoin and officially Ethereum. the Shiba coin have a official support of US Politician Libertarian Party US Senate Candidate (shannon bray) and also seems they are holding a lot of billions SHIBA Inu from when the shiba inu first time made a weekly ATH in September 2021.

The Shiba Army made new petition’s sign record of the Shiba inu where Shiba inu will be listed on the Robinhood in soon as possible with the largest market capacity and trading traffics. The American crypto investors will be force to Robinhood CEO to list Shiba inu because of a high number of achievement of $30 billion market cap they got in the 48 hours.

SHIBA INU accepted here” stickers in the window of Le Bistrot d’Eleonore et Maxence in France, also world’s famous restaurant and physical stores will accept shiba to make any payment in biggest malls like Wallmart and other markets.

Shiba inu coin now finally a ‘DogecoinKiller’ in less which they claimed and now its happened, so now Shiba claims Robinhood to list soon, that will be happens soon when the top market capacity of shiba at least $50 billion will cross and many celebrity will be accept shiba as a fast meme payment system in their funny videos and other tiktok based apps to use Shiba for the payments.

After the listing in the RobinHood exchange, Shiba inu will be saw as $0.01 till the middle of year 2021. Robinhood has 1 million+ customers of Crypto where mostly peoples buys Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Solana.

The Shiba inu coin will be listed on the Robinhood and it will be a final listing campaign after that it will be fully trade able coin on the earth with every exchange with Withdraw, deposits and many other APY Functions.

The Shiba beaten a big market capacity of technology company LG, Nissan and other dogecoin market capacity in under 2 weeks. so next Shiba will be listed on the Robinhood and american will be interest to hold Shiba coin for the long time to gain year profit without any price vitality.

Its first time a community driven meme coin has pass their all value in the world with less time to bring a new future for the Shiba holder by their successful project $BONE and $LEASH made by Shytoshi Kusama.

After the finally listed on the Robinhood Shiba market capacity needs $200 billion USD market capacity to be saw as $0.01 price of shiba’s every coin. Shiba coin now playing a game in the crypto world with 21 Trillion of Maximum supply and it will be reduced soon to be make a short supply to $5 trillion till the end of year 2023 after the listed on the Robinhood with $50 billion USD of market cap.


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