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SafeHamster a first big NFT, MemeToken, gaming NFT and CryptoPet to pump 1000X in 2022 : SafeHamster Crypto News

SAFEHAMSTER platform and Big Lottery Token, Lauching best top roadmap of Education, NFT, Special BuyBack and Burn, OnlineShop, CEX listings, Smart Cotract Audit and new website launch and social media are an big opprotunity for SafeHamater holder to touch the moon again in the top All time High price.


SafeHamster a first big NFT, MemeToken and CryptoPet to pump soon to the moon : SafeHamster Crypto News

TOKYO, JAPAN | A world’s first Pet commnity staking, farming, GamingNFTs,  NFTs and memetoken ‘SafeHamster’ will be one of most popular token around the new Pet Meme tokens  than Doge, Shib, NFT and other tokens. According to their Recent Tweets and socials post seems a new professional works in the digital world of NFT or Gaming NFT and their new Anniversy boxes for NFT and SafeHamster holders to grow the NFT marketing and future with first CryotoPet And NFT tokens.

Read recent activity and Tweets of SafeHamster Commnunity.

🚨🎁SafeHamsters presents the First Anniversary Edition Pack🎁🚨

🎉When: TODAY!

⏰Time: 11AM UTC!!

🐹🚀Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!!!🚀🐹


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Many Anniversary Edition Pack still left in the SafeHamster NFT boxes to grow the market of SafeHamster NFTs.

What is SafeHamster CryptoPet token?

Safehamster$ offers a complete ecosystem of services comprising a memecoin basic token SAFEHAMSTER that not a “memecoin as it” , staking and yield farming platform to combine all other cryptopets from market, token swap platform, nft marketplace and blockchain-based NFT game.

Welcome to the hamster army! The time has come when it is worth rewriting history. The very turning point from which to call myself “I’m a Hamster” becomes honorable, not offensive. We came to show our teeth and gnaw off 1% of the capitalization of the entire crypto market, and make a money machine for you on the endless energy of a hamster running in a wheel. We carefully prepare and check the functionality for the long-term development of the token and the project, so that you can provide yourself with money seriously and for a long time.

SAFEHAMSTER price,  Roadmaps and Future.

The Total maximum supply of SafeHamster has 2.5 Trilliom which is very low than Shiba, WifeDoge, Elongate and SafeMoon. The circulation supply is not yet gain the Circulating list because of High Stack and locking range of investora for long term and team working Rewards. SafeHamster will jup upto $0.01 from lowest price of 0.0000045 amid a big pump in the circulations begins.

Q2 2021

Website and social media launch | Whitepaper release | Launch token Safehamsters | Coingecko, Coinmarketcap listing | CEX listing | Smart contract audit

Q3 2021

 SafeHamsters Planet v.3.0 | NFT arena | Upgradeble NFT cards | Players rating | PVP (Player vs Player)

Q4 2021

Online shop | Anti – Shaving University V1.0 (Learn and Earn educational program) | NFT farm performance upgrade | Special buyback & burn | Donation campaign.
SAFEHAMSTER platform and Token, Lauching best top roadmap of Education, NFT, Special BuyBack and Burn, OnlineShop, CEX listings, Smart Cotract Audit and new website launch and social media are an perfect method to follow the community better.
After the seeing a proof of  its roadmap, we might see Next the day of ✈️✈️✈️ will coming soon for the holder and investors of NFT Marketplace of SafeHamster. 

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