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Rain Crypto Exchange top regulated exchange in the world : Rain CryptoCurrency regulation news

World’s first central bank regulated These Top regulated or licensed crypto exchanges in 2022. Rain Exchange, ChivoWallet, Binance and Robinhood will be next top regulated crypto Exchanges and world’s oldest regulated crypto exchange in Middle East and other countries may regulated Bitcoin as a legal tender. Middle East will invests in Crypto and Blockchain Ecosystem to grow the digital world faster in NFTs, MetaVerse and Blockchain.


San Francisco, CA | World’s top oldest crypto exchanges made in Asia by Abdullah Almoaiqel, A. J. Nelson, Joseph Dallago, and Yehia Badawy in Behrain. Rain Exchange is top Middle Eastern Crypto currency based on the Behrain head quarter which spreading everywhere with legal or regulated rules of crypto trades, buy and sell in the Middle East with legal tender. Rain is world’s top regulated Exchange in San Francisco, Riyadh, Cairo, Dubai, Tel Aviv and Lahore. Rain Crypto Exchange official made in Behrain and used for the Elite Group internationally world wide their great ecosystem and new blockchain technology at buy, trade and store Bitcoin for long term with limited Supply.

Central bank of Behrain officially regulated or legalised Crypto Assets of Bitcoin in development Year 2016 to adopted legal tender in year 2019.

Rain is most top trusted and best cryptocurrency exchange in Middle East, Turkey and Pakistan but amid a regulation and rules mostly countries are ignored crypto trading rules any crypto apps. Rain Exchange implements bank-grade security protocols, encryption, cold storage, Blockchain Mining, listings and committed to meet all CCSS requirements to ensure safe and secure crypto trading for its valued customers. Rain Crypto Exchange second largest exchange with many trading and user-friendly rules and legal tenders.

As per our view on specific Rain Exchange seems its a second largest RobinHood of Middle East where no any one can enter for trading without sharing any identities. The Rain is top Asian crypto exchange to get more opportunity by their Elite Group of Internationally.

The Rain Crypto Exchange will become next top crypto and financial assets in the world as the billionaires of Middle East will invests in Crypto or trades and Import/Exports in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Rain Exchange is a first Behrain and Middle East based Regulated Crypto Exchange by Central Bank Of Behrain and its first crypto exchange who are officially regulated backed by Behrain, Eqypt, Kuwait, Saudi and other middle East countries.

Rain Exchnage officially uses more payment method of Middle East like UAE Dirham, Saudi Riyal, Omani Riyal, Behrain Dinar and Kuwaiti dinar which are top currencies in the world with top value of every middle east countries. Rain is oldest crypto exchange in Asia and European countries, Which created in 2016 under development and till 2019 its completely regulated with some number of Middle east countries.

Rain crypto Exchange has fully licensed & regulated crypto trade, buy and hold platform for digital assets program backed by Central bank of Behrain. World’s top richest countries are added in the Rain Crypto for safety and Financial free money to make the digital trade better selected costumers and selected partners of the Rain Exchange.

By the way, United States and European countries have more crypto Exchanges in their countries which named Binance, Kraken, CoinBase, Robinhood but still that all are not fully licensed or regulated with their countries government and rules of regulation. Still Rain is World’s first  top regulated crypto exchange in top five middle Eastern countries. Rain Crypto exchange is top Tax Free exchange in middle East where the civilians of Middle east using Rain for finance or trade, buy and hold crypto assets without any Additional charges and Fees of holding and making profit of every coins.

Middle Eastern countries are world’s top countries where we are fully owner of our fully money or deposits without paying any Additional or other government taxes and penalty. All that countries are Tax Free for national or international transactions. Rain used for new digital financial world but not used for earning or making profit by any number of financial schemes and rules.

These Crypto exchanges will be Top regulated or licensed crypto exchanges in 2022.

As per the view of high top crypto exchanges have fully licensed or regulated with government and central bank rules. recently Chivo Wallet, Rain Wallet, Binance, Coinbase, eToroBitBay and Robinhood will become next top licensed or regulated crypto exchange for nationals of other countries investors around the globe. American and European crypto exchanges are still not regulated or licensed by any EU government may in the future the government will make Bitcoin as a legal tender for trade in low number of Return Taxes and Sale taxes. In the Asia and world, Central Bank of Bahrain made Rain Crypto exchange as legal for trade, buy, sell and hold any CryptoCurrencies.

Bitcoin will become next international currency as the view of Rain Exchange, and there are mostly investors are thinks about regulations of each exchanges in India, US, UK and other countries.


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