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New LGBTQ or Lesbian movies are accepting Bitcoin, Shiba and Crypto : Web Series In Crypto

New Lesbian or 18+ movies theatres are accepting Crypto and Bitcoin based blockchain payment to provides movie in theatre or Digital Platforms.


All LGBTQ or Lesbian movies are accepting Bitcoin and Crypto : Web Series In Crypto.

World’s top private and Paid film indutry Web Series and 18+ movies are accepting Bitcoin and Crypto Payments in the future of Crypto World. Recently, World’s top famous theatre named ‘AMC Theatre‘ are accepted DogeCoin, Shiba Inu, Ethereum and Bitcoin. As the first time, Indian First film Producer RGV’s (Ram Gopal Verma) first Lesbian full movie called ‘Dangerous 2021‘ by Apsara Rani, Rajpal Yadav and Naina Ganguly launching in Tamil/Hindi/English in Crypto and Blockchain Based Payments in Cinema or its digital platform like Netflix and YouTube.

The ‘Dangerous Khatra‘ or ‘Dangerous (Web Series)‘ movie may accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba and Dogecoin to serve for the viewers and its lesbian fans of Movie. The World’s top AMC Theatre, Regal Cinemas Ropes and other digital cinema like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney Plus and other international Web Servies and paid movies providers.

The Most number of 18+ movies or Web Series are accepting Bitcoin and Blockchain Based Payments to get a global customers with Digital Services providers than Physical Cinemas. In the AMC, mostly Web Series, Adult Movie and 18+ movies are will be launched in Cryptographic payments and offers.

The Movie owner or producer will get a best number of profit from around the globe, The influence of every new industry will be increases when they providers a international services without paying any international payments, taxes and following any new rules of Cinema.

The Film Producer can provide an Movie Tickets around the world to watch together the specific movie when they launching on any platforms by paymeting in Crypto and Blockchain based coins. The Movie producer can increase the price of specific coin by Announce the accepting related payments of each other coins.

The Investor can also invest in each other coin to get best profit without watching movie and only make money through investing in Crypto Industries. The follower of movie Producers can offer  more big discount and winnings to each other fans of new Movies to viewers.

So Finally, most $500 Billion to $550 Billion yearly worth of Cinama’s are accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge and Shiba till 2024 to grow the international market of each other products and services to make a beautiful race in the future of Metaverse, NFTs and Crypto payment.s

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