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Nasdaq experts say Bitcoin or Crypto market crach is coming in Q2 month of 2022 : Bitcoin Crash 2022

Ukraine-Russia or World War can make Bitcoin to $0 or Crypto big crash is coming in Q2 months of 2022. NASDAQ says the Bitcoin and Ethereum will be Crash or Drop to 100% in March to end of April 2022. World War not impact on the Crypto and Bitcoin than Centralized Financial Assets.


Nasdaq experts say Bitcoin or Crypto market crach is coming in Q2 month of 2022 : Bitcoin Crash 2022

A big crash on the Bitcoin and Crypto market is coming in the months of Q2 of year 2022, Most number of Crypto, Stocks and business analysis says Bitcoin or Crypto coins and tokens will be going to crash in year 2022. A Big Crypto Crash news coming from New York based Stock Exchanges and crypto exchanges, the analysis are claim the Ukraine-Russia War or a new World War may Create big inflation and drop on the market of Stock and Crypto.

The Crypto is under more drop from June 2021 to yet March 2022, The War and Inflation rate are eating the wealth of Instutions, Investors, Financial and etc. Bitcoin and Crypto are not taking any action to reach $100K as the target of year 2022, approximately EU & US market are mostly effected by this war between Russia and Ukraine or NATO friends.

Everyone want to hold their all money into Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto projects but they thinks so worst thing about the Crypto Votality and sudden drop of Moneys. The UkraineRussia war mostly impacted the Russian, European and North American countries. being the drop big stocks and financial facilities and increasing the price of Crude Oil may create a big inflations of Stocks and Crypto Market where the Blockchain based all projects or ETF and Fundamentals are postponed. and all the Stocks related ETFs, IPO are going postponed, due to Russian attack on the Ukraine.

Russia, Europe and North America are big economic countries whom are drop the World’s stocks and plans, the most peoples sees the new world of year 2022 are going to create a big Inflation, economic crisis for all small and poor countries, India, China, Japan and South America may face a big issues of inflation amid this recent war in Europe.

allthough, Bitcoin and Crypto is not yet a regular currency to do business in their domestic material but local currencies of each other countries are very power yet when till the peoples are strongly not use Bitcoin and new technology.

In every country, amid the new guidelines of Govt and banks are gives a big hope in their local currency like USD, EURO and AUD but not the world’s each other country’s governments are supports the civilians in crypto, because of the most number of bills and regulation rules are failed to resolve of Bitcoin regulations.

The most number of civilians are worry about Government and Bitcoin related annoucement, The Central Banks & Central government are want to make their official currency more powerful than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

United States & EU countries are want to increase the influence of their currency than Bitcoin and Ethereum. but the big investors and top companies of their country are working with Bitcoin and Ethereum to make new world of blockchain based web3 and supplying digital services across the world.

All the digital platforms are increasing the thoughts about accepting Blockchain technology and working with the virtual world and decetralized databases.

NASDAQ said, a big Crash in the crypto or Stocks are coming in the Q2 months of year 2022, and this is a first announcement amid the Ukraine Russia war. its mean a big inflation and expensives are coming in the physical and digital things where the world can face big Economic Crisis after the Second World War .

The new Economic Crisis of year 2022 will impacts the every developed countries of world like India, China, Japan, South Korea, United States, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Brazil, Netherlands and etc. The Global impact on each other countries may create a big global economic criss for all the financial assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum and etc.

NASDAQ experts are analysis Crypto and Stocks together to know more about the future of each other assets of Crypto and Stocks.

By the way, World can not impact on the Bitcoin directly than Stocks, Financial, Export and import Because Bitcoin or any decentralized currency can be one step back from these Centralized things.

The World War can directly Impact on the many cetralized based financial goals but not impacts on the Bitcoin and ethereum who are decentralized and any country can not ban Bitcoin and Ethereum from Internet. Bitcoin and Crypto are more diffrent and New investors of Crypto may be mostly effected but old holders and miners will not be impacted by any War and Inflations.



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