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Is Robinhood List Shiba inu coin and Kishu Inu coin? : robinhood listing meme coin

How Robinhood app will list Shiba inu, Kishu inu and other memecoin of Crypto currency. Dogecoin will be de-listed on the Robinhood exchange and Dogecoin will be a opportunity for the Shiba, Kishu and other memecoin to list on the Robinhood with their own perform.


Is Robinhood List Shiba inu coin and Kishu Inu coin? : Robinhood listing meme coin

Robinhood the first California popular and important company for the Stock and investment where the mostly american financial investors are comes with the investing in crypto currency to stable the vitality of market a crypto industry to make the digital world better using their physical USD money for the safety of investing and freedom of crypto transactions and  investment. Robinhood crypto exchanges only provides the digital crypto assets service for the US customers.

Before of 2018 or year 2017, Robinhood mostly used for the Stock trades, share markets and other investing options than crypto currency. In January 2018, Robinhood began allowing users in select states to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum, before adding new coins like Dogecoin in July and expanding to most of the U.S.

First of all, Dogecoin and other meme coin listed by the seeing their  top market cap, monthly growth in Assets, needs stable and best price coin or token, and public listing petition on the website to list by signs of customer and holders,  on the robinhood crypto app.

it early happened with Dogecoin to list in Robinhood by often times of customers signs and petition for the strong support to trade the meme coin without any market collapse.

Robinhood app records a top billionaires investors than other exchanges like Binance, Bitmart and Huobi Global. but listing of Shiba inu coin, Kishu inu coin and dogecoin will be a big trouble for the popular exchanges because of a meme coin called dogecoin backed by Elon Musk. Dogecoin listed only backed by Elon musk promotion and supports but it is a meme coin, Robinhood always says about meme coin that will be a market manipulation of Robinhood for the American investors.

Robinhood directly not list without any holder’s, investors, market cap required due to the meme coin than other Financial coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin and XRP.  Robinhood exchange never list any funny or no-sense token or coin without the 5+ signs petitions.

Robinhood already said about Meme coin and uncertainty market coins, where not backed for the money or financial assets. Shiba, Kishu, Dogecoin are a meme coin which not valued by the big investors than elon musk and other community for the long-term holders and daily traders.

as per the 65% of chance, Shiba inu coin will not be listed on the Robinhood because of many investors are early loss their money in a specific first meme coin ‘Dogecoin’ which is day-by-day collapse.

In the robinhood app mostly dogecoin investors are in the bearish than Binance, Bitmart and Huobi global users. Robinhood and american investors are trusted and listed on the peaking time but not on the low cost time and robinhood users believe it memecoin (Dogecoin) will not covers the money of Robinhood investors after the Elon musk’s manipulation on the crypto industry in April 2021.

When a Robinhood listed meme coin like Dogecoin will not be profitable for the Amercian or Robinhood investors. so it will be  not a opportunity for the Shiba inu coin and Kishu inu to become a Robinhood listed token.

In the few month after, Dogecoin will be de-listed if there will not profitable announcement for the world wide dogecoin acceptance and world wide global payment interface to use Dogecoin to be a perfect payment than we known Dogecoin as a meme coin.

Dogecoin is a first coin to be bring a Support for the new Shiba inu, Kishu inu coins when in future the Dogecoin will perform higher like early happened then it will be a perfect topic for the other memecoin.

In the future, Robinhood CEO will be brings a petition between America Shiba investors to make a new future of Shiba inu coin to start a petition campaign for the American investors on their platform to make a new world for the upcoming meme and small financial coin to list by choice of every american petition signs on Robinhood.


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