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India’s first man mined 120 Bitcoin in 2011 and sold in 2013 : Bitcoin India news

First Indian man mined 120 Bitcoin in 2011 and sold in 2013 for purchasing iPhone 5C at cost of $1500. First Bitcoin ban in 2015 and Indian miners lost Bitcoin password in 2013.


India’s first man mined 120 Bitcoin in 2011 and sold in 2013 : Bitcoin India 2011 price news

A unknown 22 year old man from Rajasthan, India mined 120 Bitcoin by creating 2 Block Spaces for Bitcoin to earned or mined 120 Bitcoin by mining 2 Block for Bitcoin Energy Spaces and digital energy hash.  The Bitcoin was more cheap than today, he used some software like P2P first transaction, ArtFarm, first oldest Bitcoin Exchange ‘Mt. Gox exchange‘, with some GPU and CPU speed for mining Bitcoin at other more mining Apps in 2011. on that time the price of Bitcoin belongs to $1 – $30 per Bitcoin in year 2011.  Some Online PPC ads and other Advertisement companies offered for Bitcoin payment as the PPC ads site in their copy paste works for ads clicks and others. The Person from India, made 1000+ bitcoin but unfortunettly he was tested their Bitcoin payment to Bank system proccess, they made more Bitcoin from each other sites, sofware and other ads companies but forgot how to convert Bitcoin to Physical USD or INR payment for India.

They Sold their leftover bitcoins and also lost 550+ Bitcoin in the payment proccess between Abroad and India. First time Nepal and China (in 2015) banned Bitcoin for the payment or mining because of high workload on the national enery in 2017.  The Indian first crypto currency miner lost at least 880 Bitcoin in the recent transaction of between wrong or right Crypto Small Selected Exchage in Japan. 

The Indian first crypto holder in 2011, lost their memory and research on the suscess payment transfer from Bitcoin to bank wire for getting only USD or INR for the first time success payment in the fraund world.

Everyone can does mine, earn or hold Bitcoin in 2011 on the online website or software but don’t know how to exchange Bitcoin into USD or Physical payments. Only Japanese country have some little unknown real Crypto Exchange like Mt. Gox exchange, but it was the new currency which is decentralized and was not easy to get in physical or bank trasnfer.

In 2013, The First Indian unknown man sold their Bitcoin on the Blockchain to converted their 120 included Fees of 25 Bitcoin Into $1988 USD,  but forgot it worth more profitable. Bitcoin Price in 2013 (Decisive Year) was $13- $1,100 before first jump of Bitcoin price they sold their bitcoin on the

As per the Success Payment from Bitcoin and to wire or cards payment into their bank account. they started Mining Bitcoin but in 2016-2017 first ban imposes on the Bitcoin from Nepal and China at their decentralized services. The Indian Man closed all mining tools and sold their computer with 2 bitcoin to their repair centre After that never met him. 

The Many money laundring and illigal There is many cases going on with bitcoin in Asian countries. due to this illigal activity on bitcoin, Mostly Miners are lost their Jobs in 2018 and amid a jump in price of Bitcoin china unable to banned it. 

Also many Indian Bitcoin Miners are lost their password in 2013 to sell or trasfer Bitcoin to new best wallet, but all are unlucky friends becuase of high pressure and Bitcoin bann and other esstial service in India in 2018.

Bitcoin was the first technology who created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 under development to 3rd Jan 2009. On the Mining, Trasfer Fees and other holding charges was very high for holding 100 Bitcoin to earn daily 2 Bitcoin free in 2011 but now are you earning?

Why First Indian Bitcoin holder or miner Sold their Bitcoin?

Although, the man don’t know what is the Bitcoin technology but want to know to get all digital money to physical in 2013 and sold all Bitcoin at price $20 in $1980 USD including Bitcoin fees of some BTC per transactions in 2013 for first success full payment into digital mining money to physical Indian Rupees.

He bought newly iPhone 5C in 2013 but forgot Bitcoin will your future. The luck really matters. Everyone knows the value of Money but every one can loss their big opportunity of future.

As the first time there were not any guidance on Bitcoin or any specific trusted wallet for Bitcoin to make all Bitcoin to physical Forex or Fiats.

The Starting Average price of Bitcoin in 2011 was  $15 and in 2021 or 2022 Bitcoin price reached Millions of % growth which now we unable to buy or sell but mostly big tech comapnies and other public companies are going to make Bitcoin as a digital Assets for payments.

top developer or miner from India, Japan and United States entred first time in Bitcoin to hold or mining but they all are mostly lost their thausands of Bitcoin in year 2017. The Finally, Bitcoin claims a Decentralized world for all Investors and miners to mine or be your own bitcoin boss.


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