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HEROcoin (PLAY) price prediction 2022 and future of iGaming blockchain token : PLAY HEROcoin Contest news

HEROcoin (PLAY) Centralized or Decentralized iGaming cryptocurrency platform for winning, betting, pools, NFTS, bridging technology, META and Play & Win. HEROcoin (PLAY) price prediction 2022 $100 from $0.20.


HEROcoin (PLAY) price prediction 2022 and future of iGaming blockchain token : PLAY HEROcoin news

A new world of new Decentralized iGaming cryptocurrency and platform for winning, betting, pools and blockchain iGaming currency mining farms. The most of peoples are choosing and investing or betting a lot of games on the iGaming platform of HEROcoin games. The HEROcoin (PLAY) is a centralized based decentralized games betting platforms. The PLAY coin is designed by an ERC20 Ethereum blockchain based network integrated the token on their platform and any participant can create its own contest.

The HEROcoin (PLAY) provides many blockchain technology with centralized technology of gaming creators, providers and makers but decentralized for users, sniping bets and investors. You can PLAY a contest, win Prizes and more features to get more HERO tokens in free with using its platforms.  The Ecosystem is working for transactions transparent using Smart contract automatically performs, actions and such as every payouts and guaranteed trust HEROcoin ecosystem.

How the HEROcoin (PLAY) works with Decentrazlied iGaming technology?


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The HEROcoin (PLAY) token works with two different ecosystem for Centralized and Decentralized creators or users. Game Creators can mine, creator and make every new world with HEROcoin to get more Rewards and Staking APYs, Game users or Token holders can enter to HEROcoin with buying HeroCoin or holdings HEROcoin.

HEROcoin is a centralized or decentralized EcoSystem to make iGaming platform better with two different kind of users, holders or creators.  The Winning, Betting and investing strategy has more profitable thoughts for everyone to enjoy the HEROcoin Platforms.

These Advantages for Token or Platform users. 

Token holders, All token holders are guaranteed a general reward out of all distributed prize pools. iGaming Players, Game winner receive their respective part of the prize pool. or iGaming Creators, Game creators are rewarded for their effort to create and manage games.

The GitHub helps to the contract creators and developers of 

HEROcoin (PLAY) The GitHub, can helps to the Smart contracts for Creating iGaming, contract addresses, Technology and all centralized or decentralized payment or coin transactions technology. The all technology and creating or gaming related contract ecosystem programs are available on the GitHub to create more better with the HEROcoin platform.

HEROcoin (PLAY) Future’s of ROADMAP.

Q3 year 2014 – Start of thesocialbet – a peer-to-peer betting platform on major sport events.

Q3 year 2016 – peer-to-peer esports betting was born

Q3 year 2017 HEROcoin is born – Ethereum based cryptocurrency – first regulated ICO in Austria.

Q3 year 2018 -Launch Closed Beta Mainnet.

begin of year 2019 -Spreading global awareness – Over 300k users on

Q3-Q4 year 2020 – Exit to Greentube NOVOMATIC Interactive.
Q1-Q2-Q3 year 2021 – Corporate Integration into Greentube, herosphere 2.0 Greentube/NOVOMATIC Ecosystem integration, New PLAY Exchange listing and internal corporate testing phase.

Q1-Q2-Q3 year 2022 – PLAY NFT solutions and DeFi bridging technology and PLAY payment solutions.

The iGaming NFTs, Gaming NFTs, NFTs solutions and Payment solutions are coming with year 2022 with big new bridging technologies. In the Future, the Price of HERO coin (PLAY) will be reach $100 where the recently SOLANA and other newly tokens performed better with new powerful new gaming and reward technology for both Centralized or Decentralized satisfied users or creators via new NFTs programs. HEROcoin (PLAY) price predicted with $100 till year 2022.

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