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GravitX (GRX) token 1000X token after Gravitoken (GRV) token in BSC : GravitX token news

GRX is an elastic supply token price rise 14% in every 8 hours, buyback, decrease and increase token or price, GRX will reach $1 million USD from the $0.25 till year 2023. GravitX token Buy, Hold and Wait till $1 to make your dreams better.


GravitX (GRX) token 1000X coin after Gravitoken (GRV) token in BSC : GravitX token news

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA | A new Elastic Supply an rebase token works same like Gravitoken (GRV) and that the circulating supply expands or contracts due to changes in token price. GRX is an elastic supply token build on the Binance smart chain, designed to rise by a minimum of 9.81% every 8 hours.

The GravitX (GRX) token works increase or decrease in supply works with a mechanism called re-basing. When a rebase occurs, the supply of the token is increased or decreased algorithmically, based on the current price of each token. In some ways, elastic supply tokens can be paralleled with stablecoins.

GravitX has more 95% to 100% mathematical guaranteed to only rise in price with Decreasing and increasing token or coins to save the long term investors and also save you from crypto global market vitality with a specific coin GravitX and make your price or investment stable till the every GRX token price rise to $1,000,000 per single amount of GRX tokens.

GRX is a newly token of BSC where mostly peoples are investing at the seeing price of increases in Gravitoken (GRV), Gravitoken bounces every day with new ATH and making new All time high jump in every 48 hours.

You can see the above screen shot of GRX, their increase in price always is up and almost many peoples are unable to sell the tokens of GRX because of saving Token price and keeps everyone away from Volatility and sudden market crash.

When the price of GRX will increase 50% to 100% then your coin will be decrease but when the price will down -10% to -%50 then your coins will be increased from the auto liquidate token GRX (GravitX) and GRV (Gravitoken).

How to invest in GravitX Token ?

The elastic supply of token make you guaranteed rich and profitable amid their mission of reaching $1,000,000 from $0.25 in 6 months of remaining. You should read an WhitePaper, Tokenomics, Roadmap from their official site GravitX.Space. GRX is the token with the higher rate of rise guarantee in the entire market ! You wont find a faster trip into space, not even with Elon spaceships. The contract mathematically guarantees a constant minimum price increase over time before reaching a ceiling. This process is entirely automatic after the first supply-adjustment is called.

The Elastic Mechanism technology of GRX and GRV take a successful reach the $1,000,000 to soon to announce a stable coin for the future and its big perfect rebase technology to keep you away from Panic Sell, Value and keep you on this token without any panic structure.

How to Buy GravitX ( GRX ) token ? 

Its a most top way for BSC blockchain users, to make a profitable deal with GRX without changing any wallet. Visit PanCackeSwapV2 to add an currency from copy/paste the contract address and for official contract address visit first official website. for yet you can easily use this (0x8fba8c1f92210f24fb277b588541ac1952e1aac8) and import your GRX currency into your BSC wallet to Swap and Enable BNB/USDT for purchasing tokens of GravitX.

Where is available GRX on Exchange? : its a main complicated question for everyone to buy the GRX but you can only Swap the GRX token on the PanCakeSwapV2 buy adding/importing contract address into the your BSC wallet address, but no ways for the exchange users yet.

PanCakeSwapV2Official Website  | Telegram

The community of Elastics token (GRV & GRX) is making auto liquidated toke to keep everyone’s eyes on these token to improve a mission with completed structure. they tried for you to keep on the GRX and your over supply or tokens will be decreases when you want to sell your panic decisions, every crypto coin and token are almost fallen when the panic strategy have been used from the investors. it seems a possible way for the GRX and GRV community for the mission $ 1 million with extra large amount of Tokens supply without any burning, limited supply and price panic.



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